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A love story. Winston and Clementine Churchill.

She has always been strict and demanding, assessing each step in advance ...
He was famous for its windy and absolutely did not like to dance ...
They lived together for 57 years of love, understanding and complete trust in each other ...

She was born  April 1, 1885 in the family of Colonel Sir Henry and Lady Montague Hoze Blanche, the eldest daughter of Count D'Eyrli tenth.

The concept of loyalty to the institution of marriage  for her parents was rather a formality than anything fundamental. By the end of life Clementine finally became convinced that the role of her biological father claimed at least three men: Sir Henry Hoze ... Captain of the 12th Lancers, George Middleton ... and Bertram Mitford, while well-known diplomat, who worked at the British Embassy in Russia, Japan and China.

Tired of public discussion of their private life, her parents divorced. In anger her father abdicated all of his nominal children appearing in marriage with Blanche.

Divorce is fairly shook the financial position of the Lady Blanche, and she had to move with the children in a less prestigious area of ​​London and some time to wander from place to place. She learned French and gave private lessons for two shillings and sixpence.
But the lady was a friend of Blagsh Lady Randolph Churchill, Jenny.

Clementine  is fluent in German and French, had a sharp wit and keen sense of humor, interested in politics. The family was not rich, and Clementine gave French lessons. But in her 23 years, she was very picky in choosing the bride and she broke the  three engagement.

In 1908, Clementine was at London's ball, where she presented him ...

He was born November 30, 1874  in Blenheim Palace (the estate of the Dukes of Marlborough, Oxfordshire), the son of Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill and Lady Randolph Churchill  (maiden name  Jennie Jerome ).
The parents paid little attention to him - his father was interested in his political career, his mother - a secular life. The closest person to the young Lord Winston was the nurse Elizabeth Ann Everest, who sincerely loved his pupil.

He owes his nurse that he was transferred from St. George's School, where flogging was practiced as corporal punishment. Winston was almost the main violator of discipline. Finding traces of blows on the body of the boy, the nurse immediately informed his parents about the beatings and they transferred the son to school Thomson  nurses in Brighton. But even after that sported a record in the certificate: "The number of students per class - 13. Place - 13th."

At Eton, where the men of Marlboro have been educated for centuries, Winston was designated the Army class.

His character did not have to give communion with him. His friends noticed how overbearing and arrogant military policy becomes awkward, silent, clumsy suitor. Besides, he did not like to dance. But in those days, dancing was almost the only way to get acquainted with a lady of high society.

Winston was one of those people whose flaws were visible at once, and dignity were found later. And although life experience he had already rich, but he did not know how to care for women: neither beautiful courtship, no compliments. He was, above all, a warrior and too straightforward. In addition, the bride knew that the main contender for a woman to be her Majesty Policy. And over the past two years, he has already received three rejection.

The young lord was accustomed to the bachelor life and did not want to part with it. Needless to say, that he was not eager to go to the prom in 1908 (after all, among other things, there will be dancing!). But ... It was there that fate had prepared for him to meet with her...


They met at a London ball in Crewe House. Churchill had behaved very awkward, and barely looked at the 19-year-old Clementine, without saying a word. He did not even invite her to dance.  Then she accepted an invitation to dance with another gentleman. The first meeting of Winston and terminals over on this. They parted... to meet again four years later.

 The second meeting took place at a dinner party at Clementina's aunt. This time neither Clementine nor Winston did not intend to attend.
Miss Hoze there was no decent clothes, and besides, it is a long time to find her ball glove.
A young lord  was nearly traded lunch the bath. He would not have got on this dinner, if not his secretary Eddie Marsh. Due to the fact that the secretary ashamed of his boss, Winston got an appointment with the lady of St. Hele, who was Clementina's aunt.
The fate is stubborn things. In the end, they both still went to this dinner and everything went smoothly ...

Just a month later - August 11, 1908, Winston Churchill made Clementine a marriage proposal. Winston gave his future bride, "the most wonderful ring" with a large red ruby and two diamonds. 
There is a legend that  thirty-five years earlier, when Lord Randolph made ​​a similar offer to a young Jennie Jerome - the mother of Winston, he gave her three magnificent rings. One of them was brilliant, the second set with diamonds and sapphire, the third set with diamonds and rubies. Lady Randolph chose first. The remaining ring was kept, so that future sons could give them their brides. Gvendelin Bertie - the Winston 's  brother bride  - chose the ring with a sapphire. Thus, Clementine  got third ring - with a ruby.

The bridegroom, for the time, was very eccentric and peculiar, and Clementine was ready to deny once again. But all ended well, and August 15, 1908 Deputy Minister Churchill announced his wedding.
She was 24, he was - 33.
High society ruled summary: Their marriage will be not longer than six months, and then falls apart, because Churchill was not made for family life.

But things turned out differently: they spent 57 years in love and faithfulness! They were complete opposites of each other. But she was the only person who could cope with a violent character of Churchill. He transformed in her presence.

Churchill's biographers wrote that he had often been lucky, but most of all he was lucky with his wife! 

Whatever he was doing: writing books... learned to drive a plane...   spent all night at the casino, playing a lot of money...  directed the country's political life... drank an inordinate amount of whiskey and  smoked endless Havana cigars or eats the pound of food! But Clementine did not try to restrain her husband, to correct his faults and to alter his character. She took him just as he was.
Despite the inherent levity, he never betrayed his wife. And she was completely absorbed by her husband. 
Clementine was with him until the last day - all 57 years and in sorrow and in joy. She has always shown a keen interest in what her husband did. Clementine helped launch the memoirs of Churchill, but not as a writer and as a critic.
She was a lark, and he owl. This is partly why they never ate breakfast. together. Rested, they too often apart: she loved the tropics, but he preferred to an extreme. By the way, they also slept in separate bedrooms.  But they had five children: son Randolph and daughters Diana, Sarah, Marigold and Mary.
They plunged into crisis, became richer and the poor again, but their union has never been questioned, and their spiritual kinship with the years only strengthened.
Churchill talked a lot, never let anyone listen or even hear. She found a great way to communicate with him. His wife wrote to her husband a letter. A total of 1700 written letters and postcards. Their youngest daughter, Marie has published these words of love then.

Once, speaking to the Oxford student, Clementine said, "Never force husband to agree with you. You will get a larger, continuing to keep his calm and after a while you will see how your spouse quietly come to the conclusion that you are right ..."

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