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Love of all the life. Diva Maria

It was a scandal! Grandiose! World! She - a diva, voice-century opera goddess Maria Callas, and He - the world's richest man, Aristotle Onassis, were merely a man and a woman ...

It was  a nice summer evening. The luxury yacht. Tina Onassis , so inappropriately opened the salon massive oak door, and caught there the lovers - her husband with Mary Callas .  Naked, not too young a man and a woman were given a violent passions directly on the carpet. Behind the wall sadly drank wine Mary's husband - Menedzhini Giovanni Battista.
Perhaps adultery would not have had such a loud publicity, if not turned into a fatal passion for many years, which destroyed both of their marriage

...She was born in New York, where the family of Greek businessman Georges Kalogeropulos moved from Athens to seek his fortune. After the loss of beloved son, Mary's mother, Evagheliya, eager to give birth to a son, but instead, was born Maria. Mother was upset enough that she did not want to come to the newborn for four days. The youngest daughter irritated her, she did not even try to hide it. 
Just look at this ugly duckling. Thick, clumsy, short-sighted eyes behind thick glasses seem small, acne on the face. Oh, Madonna! It was only one thing, which pleased mother - the girl had a wonderful voice.
At first, a teacher from the conservatory, seeing the girl, was surprised: "Really this plump girl wants to become a singer? It is ridiculous." But when she heard Mary, she agreed - the girl certainly talented. In five years, Maria knew  the Carmen's aria by heart .
Mary growing up neglected child, and only the sudden fame prodigy with a charming voice and perfect pitch was interested to her mother. Later, recalling her childhood, Kallas said bitterly: "I ​​felt that I loved only when I sang."
However, when she was sixteen years old, she good earning with her beautiful voice  and contained a family. In nineteen - the first batch in the opera and the first real fabulous fee - sixty-five dollars.

Her relationship with her mother ended more than a little odd. After a tour of Mexico, already famous, Mary bought  a gift for mother - a luxurious coat mink  ... and had not seen her more. NEVER.

...He was older almost doubled: her is 24, him is 47.  They met during a Mary's tour in Italy.  Giovanni loves the opera. He charmed the divine song, and he did not care that her body was curvaceous.
Millionaire, Giovanni Battista Menedzhini was a good businessman, owner of the brick factories... and a big fan of opera. He knew how to make money and quickly realized that the project "Maria Callas" can be a very good investment. He offered her the hand and heart and purse. From that time he was her husband, friend, manager, and partner.

...In the early '50s, opening the season in Mexico City, Kallas felt terribly lonely and sick. As in childhood, she began to eat much, trying to drown depression. Soon, her weight has exceeded all reasonable limits - 210 pounds. The ruthless press did not fail to notice it. Mary was troubled by jeers and immediately sat down on a strict diet, she lost a hundred pounds in eighteen months... And never again, was so thick.

...Venice, September 1957. Ball in honor of the American journalist, columnist Elsa Maxwell gossip. There was  a shine of celebrities and diamonds. Tina Onassis was in a magnificent dress, studded with emeralds and diamonds, attracting admiring glances. But Tina's husband, the richest man in the world, Aristotle Onassis looked not her. He did not take his eyes of the lady with antique features, pale skin and jet-black hair.
"Maria Callas" - whispering in the crowd. Evil tongues say that Elsa tweaked this meeting specifically. "What? Do not you know, Elsa loves women. But they say that Mary denied her in reciprocity. So, she decided to take revenge. Anybody will not stand in front of Ari." But the gossips were wrong. Between them did not happen no love affair. Prima awarded Onassis with only a barely perceptible nod.
But Aristotle has long dreamed of burning dark eyes and  diva's gorgeous form. And he was able to achieve of what he want.

Venice again. Again the ball, but two years later.  He and She compress each other in warm embrace in the infinite dancing. She - the world opera star, Maria Callas, He - the owner of ships, steamers and multibillion-dollar stakes, Aristotle Onassis...

... "I'm flying to London to Maria's concert," - said Onassis to his astonished wife Tina. She does not believe her ears - her husband always hated opera. Moreover, this fool has bought the entire first night and paid for it's presentation. And then he strewn with red roses the huge lobby, where diva stood. Batista never was capable of such a thing. He was tightfisted and costive. But Ari - generous and venturesome.
June 8, 1959 in London, in a hotel room Maria Callas has betrayed her husband.
Soon, Onassis invited Mary and her husband to rest on his yacht "Christina". Luxury and temptation that reigned there, stunned Maria. And Onassis won her heart.

Lovers no more hide their passionate relationship. Tina in tears threatened her husband  with divorce. Menedzhini persuade Mary to wake. "Where were you before when you saw that my legs give way?" - Maria asked him naively, as a child. What could  Batista answer her? That he never would have thought to throw  a lot of money  into the wind for a woman?  Or that he considers a nonsense to spread thousands of rose petals? Or to give the bracelet as a token of love on which the words are laid out with diamonds, "Mary, I love you."

Much later, Maria discovers that the same bracelet Ari gave his ex-wife, and then - to a future wife. Ari just changed names.

Mary could not resist the charms of this little Greek (he was below her in a head), and older than her husband of nine years. They say he was an excellent lover.
Mary was an easy target for Aristotle. Being loved by no one from her childhood, with a  lonely soul, she believed Onassis, she opened the heart for him, forever.

Callas leaves her husband and moved to Paris apartment - to be close to Onassis. She even stops singing and devotes herself to the one true love. Aristotle divorces his wife and vows to Mary, that would marry her.
She's thirty-six years. Time passes, but Ari says nothing about marriage yet .

"Who are you? Nothing! You've got a whistle in your throat, but even it does not work!" Who throws these cruel words to her face? Ari! Her favorite Ari, for whom she had left everything: a husband, a house, a brilliant career! 

Her career... Any moment, she can break the agreement and fly to Aristotle, to sing at a private party for his drunken guests. And nobody wants to contract with her. 

Because of the constant quarrels, scandals and depression because of the Onassis intrigues with other women, Mary lost her voice - the last thing she had.
It was he who was to blame for the failure of high-profile in Dallas, of which wrote all the newspapers... She waited him, Ari ... She sang, looking around the hall. She hoped that he would come. But he did not come. In the second act, her voice has ceased to listen to her...

After many promises, he finally took Mary to the altar. But he did that so rude and insulting.
Approaching the church, he made ​​a wry face and muttered through clenched teeth: "Well, you achieved what you wanted?" Mary, gathering pride in her fist and jumped out of the car.
She tried to terminate their relations. She did not answer his calls, refused invitations ...
She not sings more... She is not loved anymore... But it's still not the end...

...In October 1968, Aristotle Onassis marries his old friend Jacqueline Kennedy.When the news flew to Mary, she uttered the prophetic words: "The gods will just. There is justice in the world"

Is it really  Ari believes that this cold and calculating  person loves him? Why, he settled with her on the Scorpios  island ? He promised  to her, Mary, to give  this island  and live there happily together.
 By the way, the island and stole luxury - it is a compensation for their unborn child. In the sixth year relationship Mary became pregnant. She was 43, and this was her last hope of becoming a mother. "Abortion" - the word sounds like a slap in the face. Onassis stiff and inflexible. "Either I or the baby! I already have children, others I do not need." Mary was frightened. She was so afraid of losing Ari, that went to kill her own child! And now she lives alone in an apartment in Paris. She has no children, no Ari, no voice.

At this time, Aristotle and the "widow N1» adorn the covers of magazines and social events. Jacqueline Kennedy become Madame Onassis. Evil tongues asserted that the American president's widow married his wealth.
Indeed, the efforts of Jacqueline their marriage has become a hell for Aristotle. 

Aristotle's favorite son was killed in the crash. Onassis was unable to recover from the loss and fell ill. His only daughter, whose name has been called the most luxurious yacht in the world, became involved in drugs (Christina survived his father only a few years).

When he was in the hospital and died, his Jacqueline traveled the world and bought up in large numbers last fashionable collection of clothes, lingerie, shoes and jewelry.

Having reached the last line, Aristotle suddenly became aware of his loneliness. He came up with the bitter thought that, perhaps, the only woman in the world who loved him truly, was Mary. Everyone else always needed  something from him - his money, his communication, his patronage ...  But Mary needed him only. 

Ari made ​​clumsy attempts to reconcile with her. He called and promised to leave his wife. Once she had heard that... but no trusted  him more, though she still loved him. It took 18 years to Mary rid the illusions of his love and slavery. 

She experienced the love of her life for two years. "Nothing else matters, because without him nothing else will like it was."

Mary died September 16, 1977 at age 53 in her Paris apartment. Her death remains a mystery. The official version - the diva's death was caused by a heart attack. Sources of informal claim that Mary had committed suicide or was poisoned. The testament was not found. Her condition was $ 12 million, which went to the mother and her ex-husband - to people who in general had not loved her.

Behind the coffin of Mary suffered a great wreath of white roses, on which was written only "From the Onassis."
That was the last will of Aristotle Onassis, special line-written in his will.
What was that? The last "farewell" or belated confession of love?

She just wanted to the urn with her ​​ashes was buried at sea near the Greek island of love - Skorpios. There forever rested her Ari. Even after died, she wanted to be near him. But her last will and testament  was not carried out ... NEVER...

PS.  After Maria's death in 1977, Menedzhini bought relics connected with her name on the auction. He died in 1981.

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