Monday, January 16, 2012

A life of agony for a possible Olympic medal…is it worth it?

In a few months we will all be watching the 2012 Olympic Games, and we will admire the amazing Chinese gymnasts for their suppleness, strength and elegance.

What we don’t see though is the 15 years of excruciatingly hard word, physical pain, sacrifice and ‘torture’ that these gymnasts have to endure since very young age.

The pictures you see here are showing some of the brutal training that little kids do, or forced to do. One of their coaches said that “every year there are so many talented children who give up on training, which is so saddening,”.

Kids are put upside-down and their posture is corrected by the coach. “Those who do it well can come down earlier, otherwise they have to keep standing upside-down.”

These little ones have barely removed their nappies and they have to learn to walk on their tip toes. To strengthen their toe points, children have to walk every day several laps with their toes bent under.

Curled toes cramping and the coach stretching the muscles causes horrible pain for the kids.

Putting the kids in unnatural poses, stretching ligaments and muscles causes again pain and sweat.

“Abs that one can brag about in front of their classmates are developed like this.” Boys don’t complain so much. Whatever the coach says to do, they do, and can complete their tasks very quickly.

A giant ‘GOLD’ chinese character will enter the kids’ subconscious after years of exhausting training.
“Children with this kind of dream and who can stick [with the training] are few and far between. Most parents will feel for their children, and end up burying a good seedling [wasting a child with good potential],” says the coach regrettably. “A child who can successfully take this path, most should thank their parents for persevering.”

Is this the children’s dream? What to they know about Olympics?? Do they care at all? Or they would much rather be running around with their friends doing kids’ stuff!

And what will be the consequences of such training on their bodies later in life?
Late-onset puberty and menstruation, irregular menstrual cycles are extremely common, short stature, obsession with low weight often causes anorexia or bulimia, lower back ache and injuries that occur as children will last through adulthood and often grow worse.

And how many of them will ever make it to the Olympic games?

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