Friday, January 6, 2012

Kosher and Mecca phones

 The Kosher Phone: Does Nothing, Especially on Saturday

Yes, it sounds made up, but the Kosher Phone is real. How, you may ask, does a phone become Kosher? First, it blocks access to 10,000 sex and dating lines. Second, kosher-to-kosher calls are just two cents a minute, compared to the standard nine and a half cents.

Third, and best, is that you get stung for using it on the Sabbath. Any calls placed on the Day of Rest will cost a huge $2.44 a minute.

The phone is also completely stripped of functionality: no text messaging, no Internet access, no video options, no camera. The idea is not new. Kosher phones have been around for years, as have other religious-themed handsets, 
such as the Mecca Phone, which points, you guessed it, to Mecca, allowing prayer to be carried out properly.

The handset exclusively for Muslim customers.

There can be the Koran in 29 languages, and many other features compatible with the Islamic faith, such as a compass that permanently points towards the holy site of Mecca, a guide to aid pilgrims in performing the Hajj rituals at Mecca and Medina, and even a mode that automatically switches the phone to silent during times of prayer.

Muslims perform their obligatory Salat prayers five times a day(sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset, and midnight). Likewise, they have to face Kaaba, an old temple in Mecca, and this Mecca indicator phone enables them to identify the direction easily, including in areas such as deserts.

Such phones are in demand in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle East nations, as well as North African nations.

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