Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Japanese art in rice fields

Amazing live images (crop art) emerged in the rice fields of Japan, but this is not the handiwork of extraterrestrials. These works of art carefully planted. Farmers create giant canvases without ink or paint. On the area of ​​a field grown exactly calculated colorful clumps of rice.

As the plants grow, the details of the picture "manifest."

In order to portray the Warrior Sengoku on horseback, took hundreds of thousands of bushes rice. The colors are created using different varieties of rice. This picture was taken in Inakadate, Japan.

Giant Napoleon on horseback can be seen even through the clouds. It was created thanks to precise landing peasants and farmers, living in Inkadate, Japan.

Fairy warrior Naoe Kanetsugu and his wife, Osen, who come alive in the television series "Tenchijin" appeared in the fields of Yonezawa Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.

Different images have appeared in other rice farms in Japan. There, for example, have been finding these Deer Dancersi image Doraemon.

Farmers create this painting by planting small bushes of purple and yellow rice varieties among Kodaimai normal for this area of green rice Tsugaru. These paintings live from the rice-planting to the harvest period in September. Vegetable painting in Inakadate is about 15,000 square meters of rice fields.

Unfortunately, the picture is not visible from the ground, so viewers have to climb up on a special rig to be able to get to know them.

Near you can only see how carefully placed thousands of rice on the bushes.

Painting on rice fields appeared in 1993 as a local project. The first nine years, farmers and peasants cultivated the same simple image Mount Iwaki. But then their ideas have become more sophisticated and attracted more attention.

In 2005, the agreement between the owners of the land allowed to create large images in the rice fields. A year later, the organizers have started to use computers to accurately calculate the layout of the four different colors of rice bushes, through which the fields come to life picture.

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