Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interesting facts about Japan (photos with commentary).

What we know about the daily life of Japanese people about the things that surround out in everyday life? I was interested to learn about the many everyday things for the Japanese, but unusual for most of us. I hope that you will be interested too. So, get acquainted, Japan.

Urban Architecture in general plain and not much different from the usual boxes. What's in a residential area ...

...that in the main shopping district.

Even the hotels in the resorts differ little architectural delights.

But all of the most incredible thing is hiding behind this outward simplicity.

They fight against smoking on the streets.

Special Bannerbearers seek out smokers
and compost their brains. :)))

Special Officer Metro makes sure no one wandered
into the escalator, which is being repaired.

Special uniformitarian duplicates the functions of boards,
"Beware of the car!"

Cleaner helps you sort trash illiterate and blind.

People on the streets smiling. Japanese policemen:

Inscriptions on the pavement stretched for easier reading of the car

Japanese river tram.
It seems, that it just arrived from another planet. Fantastic!

From the street, see if there is a place in the facility or  freely.

At gas stations hoses hanging from the roof.
It is more convenient refill motorcycles.

Chilled jelly bag with a pacifier. Minute Maid with fruit, some manufacturers add vitamins and "energy" component.

Local approach to sandwiches.

And it's also sandwiches.

In the district of Kabuki-cho concentrated host clubs where people come to drink in the company's hired companion of the opposite sex. Advertising clubs for women like posters of rock bands

Purely Japanese approach to family problems. The Japanese, having some life issues, go to the host club after work, where they can complain to the vest about the hardships of life  to their constant "friend." She, in turn, cleverly throws him on the alcohol. There is no sex, it's not a brothel. Leaving all their problems there, the Japanese are going home with a smile.

Window glass reinforced with wire. White windows are rare.

Instead of paper exhibited in the windows
menu detailed casts of dishes.

In any restaurant   and cafe
they  immediately bring the icy water from the tap,
then topped up constantly.
Tap water is, perhaps, even more pure than bottled.

Bottles of disinfectant (hand washing) meet visitors
of any agency, museums, restaurants, hotels and other public places.
Echo of swine flu

Near the entrances to the stores provided rack for umbrellas. Plastic ersatz umbrellas for 3 - 5 $ sold everywhere (they are for a few days).

In the solid institutions stand for umbrellas
fitted with locks and nomerkami.

Cape-blanket protects against rain and courier, and cargo.

It is useful to look down ... on the floor often place signs.

And how about this? :)  
Markings for the queue to the ATM.

Markings on the platform of the subway shows,
where, after a stop of the will be the door.

Yellow ribbed band - for the convenience of blind people.
These tracks provided with most of the sidewalks
and all stations in major cities.

In public transport on the phone do not talk - inappropriate.

Rear of the cab is usually transparent,
so you can observe the work of the driver.

Unbelievable, but sometimes there are homeless people.

(It turns out that there are still writing letters on paper:))

Hatch ! 
In Ukraine, they are much worse, and they steal.
But here this a beauty lies under the feet :)

Only look,  how  they equip the place of evacuation.
All - for people!

In Japan, there are people with a claim to originality,  too.

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