Monday, January 16, 2012

How much cost the "manhood"?

If you are a woman you’ve probably never asked yourself how much could a penis, or a portion of it, be worth. I must confess you that, although I’m a man, I’ve never wondered about it either.

Short answer:
$7.5 million for an inch and a half!! Not bad eh?!

A former Navy man, Matthew Wall, was in a motorcycle accident that left him with his penis permanently shortened by more than an inch.
The accident happened when Wall was 23: he was on his Harley-Davidson driving to work, as officer on a nuclear submarine in San Diego, when a van turned in front of him without allegedly looking at the oncoming traffic.

Wall hit the van and was thrown forward on his Harley’s handlebar. He suffered a fracture of his pubic bone and crushed his penis. The reconstructive surgery was successful but left him with 1.5 inch less in length.

An El Cajon, San Diego, jury awarded the man with a generous, I think, $7.5 million.

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