Monday, January 9, 2012


(Jap. geysya 芸 者 - "an artist")

The girl, entertain their customers (guests)
dancing, singing, conducting a tea ceremony, conversation

Geisha has worked mainly in tea houses and traditional Japanese restaurants, where geisha mistress speaks parties, entertaining guests-men.
Geisha must guide the conversation and contribute to a cheerful pastime of visitors, often flirting with them, but preserving her dignity at the same time.
Geisha's earnings  for her work in the tea house fixed in hourly fee.

However, the most talented and successful geisha demonstrated their ability to play musical instruments, sing and dance in performances, held periodically to the public. Such performances allowed  geisha to become a widely known and popular figure.

Contrary to popular belief, geisha are not prostitutes. In the Japanese entertainment industry geisha and prostitutes historically occupied a different position. This is emphasized even by clothing.

The prostitute was tied kimono belt with a simple knot in the front, that allowed to unleash it many times a day.

Geisha kimono tied back with a complex site, which could not untie (and even more to tie it again) without assistance.

In addition, since the advent of the  geisha  profession, they were prohibited by law, to provide sexual services for money.

Geisha enjoys respect in society. She is the epitome of femininity. In her professional duties, not included sex services to their customers - if geisha is making love with someone, she did it on her own volition and it was the part of her personal life, but not professions.

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