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The fifth point of the ladies. ))))))))))

I do not know what you think about, but we will focus on the buttocks.

Buttocks - a sign of high standing on the steps of the evolutionary ladder. Of all the currently existing primate species, only man is endowed with a rounded, protruding butt.

The size of the buttocks depends on the structure of muscle, determined by genes. Someone gets more so-called red fibers (like red meat, a chicken), someone - white (like white meat).  White fibers are prone to obesity, so the people in whose ass a lot of them are great and not-so-elastic back. Red cheeks, on the contrary - thin and elastic. Unfortunately, with age, cells lose their ability to retain water molecules. As a result, the muscles shrink and a soft place turns into a not appetizing "dried fruit".

The increased interest in the beautiful half of humanity, endowed with nice buttocks, has  always  existed.
Polls show that for men, choosing a woman of no small importance, as is the fact that it is lower back. Obviously, this is due, firstly, the aesthetic perception, and secondly, the evidence of health and, consequently, the ability to reproduce offspring.
Therefore, man's phrase, "have something to hold out" - a high score of women's physical qualities. These criteria have been preserved in the unconscious man from the time of the primitive society. Confirmation of this can be seen in archeological discoveries: almost all the images of women created by primitive painters and sculptors, are with an extremely curvaceous.

In 1804, naturalists Peron and Lesser arrived in South Africa to conduct research of local Hottentot tribes in the area of ​​the Cape of Good Hope. 
In his diaries, they described the feature, which had local women - a fantastic hypertrophy buttocks - up to two meters in diameter. This anomaly is known today among experts as steatopyga, or the "Hottentot buttocks."
But ... the more brightly expressed this feature, the more popular a woman in there the men.
In the forests of south-western Africa, the tribes of Bushmen, also kept women with giant buttocks.

The ancient Greeks had a special, aesthetic-sexual relationship to the buttocks: they are treated with great respect to the ass, and those for whom it was beautiful, regarded as messengers of the gods. Pop was the object of their worship. It was devoted to different works of art.

Until this day came the story of two sisters who had beautiful buttocks. Between them was a heated discussion, which was attended by the entire city whose butt is more beautiful? And not finding an answer in the end, it was decided to give a decision on this vital issue outside court men "with fresh eyes."
The sisters went to the port for the arrival of another ship, and chose a nice young man. They asked him to solve their longstanding dispute. 
When they exposed her beautiful ass, man was stunned and for a long time could not utter a word. He was difficult to make a choice, but finally he gave preference to the charms of the eldest of two sisters.
And ... fell in love with her! Immediately found a groom for her younger sister, too. The city breathed a sigh of relief that finally put an end to this contest. To commemorate this event, it was decided to give a decent dowry to both the sisters, allowing them to get rich.
On the revenues sister temple erected to Venus Kallipige.
Hardly have some people find so ironic and poetic story that is building a cult of the buttocks.

In ancient Persia, the aesthetic value of ass was high, too. Moreover, thanks to this part of the body there was even a whole trend in the art: high-chasers did wondrous beauty jugs for washing in the form of the buttocks.

However, in the buttocks pay attention not only men but also women. According to the same polls, the choice of sexual partner, not the least for girls are two "specifications": strong buttocks and tall men. Considered (this is a considerable element of truth) that a man with elastic buttocks indefatigable in sex.

In Scotland, men's ass was a weapon of intimidation enemy. Perhaps that is why the Scots invented the clothes themselves, as a kilt. To this day, preserved the tradition of wearing a kilt with no underwear. Thus, showing naked ass, they expressed an utter contempt for the enemy.

 In the Middle Ages, the priest was considered shameful and sinful place, which required careful to hide. However, medieval religious fanatics firmly believed that the booty can frighten evil spirits. In their view, the mere sight of bare buttocks should be abhorred, so if you show them the Devil, he would lose all its power and run away. 

In Russia, in Saint evening was taken to wonder about the groom. Divination was different - with the shoe, mirrors, candles and ... pope.
On this day, 
late in the evening unmarried girls went to the bath  and ... alternately exposing ass in a little window.
At the same time they saying: "Come rich man, hit  pope 
by the  hairy hand!" (hairy hand - a symbol of prosperity). We must assume that boys who had knowledge of the guessing and do not miss this opportunity to slap on the favorite ass. That's just a matter of how they determined which of the asses belongs to his beloved.
  After this ritual, its participants actively discussed the impact force and this concludes how will be the relationship with her ​​future husband.

In ancient times, some Russian villages checked the girls 'marriageable' very original way. Walnut was placed on a stool. The girl sat on it. If the shell is split, so it's time to give her in marriage.

In Germany it is considered that the buttocks can protect you from the vagaries of weather and natural disasters. During a lightning storm or hurricane to expose her to the window and lightning in the house would not hit (probably scared), as well as the roof and the wind will not break.
I wonder if it helps on the snow and frost? :)))))

  Many contemporary actors still believe that if the text is dropped, it is necessary to sit on it.

The first nude female buttocks flashed on the silver screen in 1915 in the movie "The Daughter of the Gods." They belonged to the Australian actress and athlete Annette Kellerman.

The most expensive buttocks at the famous singer Kylie Minogue. Her petite ass is insured neither more nor less than 4.7 billion dollars. Slightly behind her, Jennifer Lopez - one billion euros.

The fact that a woman's ass is actively attracting attention, no one has ever doubted, but until recently no one had no idea, use it as advertising. One of the cosmetic companies of Seoul has decided to correct this unfortunate oversight and with the help of experts in body-art, placed on the buttocks of pretty girls information about one of its products for weight loss.
Custom and bold way of moving goods has given some results. Half-naked beauties with advertising, attracting crowds of curious people. Many people want to be photographed with them. However, the girls willingly agree to this. It is unknown whether customers will be added at the cosmetics company, but that the company name "on hearing" from the thousands of residents of Seoul, for quite a while, that's for sure.

At the present time, judging by the results of special contests and surveys conducted among users of the World Wide Web, the primacy of the beauty of the buttocks keep: Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Bridget Bardot - among the women, Brad Pitt, Jason Lewis, David Beckham Jude Law -  among the men.

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