Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crystal encrusted $130,000 toilet is in Japan

This is a Japanese toilet. You can see how flashy they can also be!

This $130,000 Swarovski-crystal-encrusted toilet manufactured by INEX is not actually for sale and also you cannot ‘drive test it’. This arabic looking toilet with its 72,000 crystals is used as a lure to attract potential buyers to the Lixil interior fixture company which is in the expensive Ginza shopping district of Tokyo.

You want to bet that there’s probably some Arab sheikh that has a similar one encrusted with diamonds? If you have one at home (palace) please send us a picture for our reader.

PS. According to current Ukrainian standards, it's funny price. Our president have a golden bowl worth $350 000. It is true that for sure do not know, whether  owner allow someone, except himself, to  ‘drive test it’ ?

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