Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Chinese fleet - this is something unbelievable!

In China, same like in Japan, creating gardens is a real art, as painting, sculpture, or poetry.
By combining the natural elements such as stone, water, trees and flowers, with elements of architecture, painting and poetry, masters seek to achieve balance and harmony between man and nature.

Unlike the Japanese parks, restricted to small space, where within the designated walking paths, a Chinese park takes up a large space that allows you to freely walk around the spacious grounds of the park, picnics, sports, dance or art ...

The park landscape is not even the main, but expertly trimmed shrubs and creepers, with which the Chinese gardeners create real masterpieces, continuing the tradition of landscape art of ancient Rome.

All this is done by means of shears and a painstaking years of work of gardeners.

 The park Beihai has a stove, which by order of Emperor Qianlong carved patterns of hands 495 of the best calligraphers from antiquity to the XVIII century.

There are people who come to the park to write poetry in paving slabs. . And they do it with water. Poetry is combined with painting - in fact a beautiful and correct spelling of the characters - a science.
The water dries in a few minutes, and no trace is left of the works of the artist. But it does not matter, because he does it for himself... for find inner harmony.

Hundreds of people engaged in traditional gymnastics taytszysyuan in the parks. Day after day for many years they prihodyam here to do an exercise. Here, eighty year old can easily sit on the string and feel great.

 The Europeans, creating a garden, they say that at first it must be planted. But in China they  build a gardens  ( construct ). In Chinese gardens you will not find any famous English lawn or trim the outlines of French style.
In Chinese culture merges with nature means simply a source of inspiration not only for the eyes, but for the mind and spirit. China shows us the option of dialogue, where human and nature serve as the equivalent of creative beginnings

 Landscape architecture in China, which has a long history, unique in the gardening art. The first palace garden in China appeared during the Zhou Dynasty (1122 - 249 BC).
  This was followed in the capitals and major cities in China began to create gardens and parks, which pleased the people so far.

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