Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Afghan commandos looking for man who tortured his 15-year-old wife

According to "Bi-bi-si", the special group of Afghan police is looking for family members of 15 year old girl, who cruelly taunted her in the New Year's Eve.

As it turned out, 30-year-old husband a young girl, locked her in the basement and, together with his closest relatives subjected her to torture. She was beaten, raped, pulled out her hair and nails, and they forced her into prostitution.

Thanks to her parents, they were able to rescue the girl. Worried about her long silence, they called the police. Law enforcement officers stormed the house and saw a fierce picture.

The girl is still alive and sent to the hospital. Afghan authorities, who took control of the investigation of this crime, promised that, if it be necessary, they'll send girl to India, where her will provide good care.

Police have not yet managed to find her husband.

According to Afghan law marriage is possible only after 16 years, but in reality marriages are made in a much earlier age, especially in rural areas.
                                               January 3, 2012

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