Friday, January 20, 2012

24 true facts about vodka

1. Vodka is the purest drink in the world.
2. Vodka is 40% of alcohol and 60% water.
3. A liter of vodka weighs exactly 953 grams.
4. 100 gr. vodka contains 235 calories.
5. There is no vodka without alkolnoy.
6. The inverse image of vodka (Aqua-Vita) was brought to Russia in 1429 by the Italians.

7. The first saloon was opened in Moscow in 1533.
8.Vodka has come to the public under Peter I. During the reign of Catherine II, the income from the drinking houses amounted to nearly a third of the budget.
However, even when Tsar Peter I, the rules of etiquette say about vodka as follows: Be sober and avoid drinking ... Remember - alcohol unleashes language and connects the mind .... 
During the reign of Catherine II in 1775 ... Vodka was considered the most elite beverage in the world. 

9. Before 1885 vodka sold in Russia to take away only... in buckets (12.3 liters).
10. January 31, 1865 Mendeleev defended his doctoral dissertation "About the connection of alcohol and water."
11. Standard for vodka was introduced in 1894-1896, respectively.
12. Branded vodka bottle "Moscow Special" was patented in 1894.
13. August 22, 1941 was made famous Decree of the National Defence N56200 about the "front line's one hundred grams of  vodka."

14. The state monopoly on vodka in Russia was introduced and abolished several times.
15. The better the vodka is cleared, so it is toxic.
16. Vodka is addicted to alcohol more quickly than other alcoholic beverages.
17. Vodka toxic cognac and whiskey in some respects.
18. 50 gr. vodka exacerbate cognitive abilities in half an hour after drinking.
19. The same 50 gr. blunt the response and precision movements.

20. Vodka does not warm.
21. A bottle of vodka in the morning reduces the working day to 8 hours.
22. Russian vodka - the best drink!
23. It is best to use vodka chilled. The optimum temperature  + 9 degrees.
24. There Vodka Museum in St. Petersburg (Horse Guards Boulevard St. 5)
25. Shelf life of vodka - 12 months.

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