Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 interesting facts about Amsterdam

Bicycle paths in Amsterdam wider than footpaths (That, quite reasonably).

Police Department, which is responsible for parking - the only one who has a reinforced glass, since there have been cases where angry motorists were very "dissatisfied" of the blockers on wheels.

You will not be able to buy an apartment in the city center. You'll have to buy a house or several houses at once.

The use of drugs, including marijuana ... prohibited on the streets, although many people violate this prohibition.

Throughout the city there is no free parking.

You are unlikely to see a traffic jam in Amsterdam.

Every second prostitute, working in the city - coming from Eastern Europe.

People with disabilities the state allocates money to visit a prostitute - to attend two days per month .. (How is the care of persons with disabilities - all included! :) )

Prostitutes in Amsterdam, pay taxes, have a soc. package and their own union.

The city has a special center where you can freely check the quality of purchased drugs. (The horror!)

If you want to buy something more serious than the grass, you need to look into the eyes of the Arabs-sellers, which can be easily found on the street. If you do not avert your eyes - it is a sign to them that you want to buy something. (It is interestingly, is it applies only to the Arabs? Perhaps to avoid confusion, it is better not to look into the any eyes on the streets of Amsterdam :))

PS. If you find something here that does not fit the facts, or want to supplement this list, please leave your comments.

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