Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding of the 85 years Duchess Alba in Spain

The most eccentric aristocrat in the world and winner of the very large number of titles in the world, 85-year-old Duchess of Alba, a Spanish married her beloved Alfonso, arranging a lavish wedding ceremony in the castle of the 15th century in Seville.

Despite the fact that many people were against this scandalous marriage, she did take place - a fabulously wealthy Duchess of Spain Maria del Rosario Alfonso Cayetano Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart de Silva, which is just to simply call Alba, married a commoner, 60-year-old civil servant Alfonso Diez.

 The newlyweds met three years after it first met in the cinema, despite the fact that the groom is suitable bride to his sons, he vowed to her eternal love.

Of joy and love of Spain Duchess of Alba, which Guinness World Records says the owner of the large number of titles in the world, began to dance

Duchess of Alba in the photo -
now and in her youth - in 1956

Yet, in the sincerity of Alfonso few who believe - at a wedding attended by only four of the six children of the Duchess, and all together were against it in all respects unequal marriag

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