Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toys for Christmas tree with your own hands

How can you bring your favorite winter holiday?
Already, preparations for it to do!

Nothing is not charging the New Year mood,
like trips to specialty stores where you can find
hundreds of garlands, streamers, carnival masks, crackers
and Christmas decorations.
Why not make them yourself?
In this fascinating process can involve the children, who will gladly spend leisure time of the manufacture of Christmas decorations.

This Christmas toy is very easy to do yourself. You will need a regular plastic cup, cardboard with silver-coated, cotton batting or white, miniature figures of animals, trees (sold in stores for needlework, or it may be older children's toys), and beads. Cut a cardboard circle with scalloped edges. In diameter it should be a little more than glass. Glue the cardboard to the batting and miniature figures in the order you like. You can sprinkle with glitter composition major. Pushpin make a hole in the center bottom of the glass, pull the string of beads and form a decorative loop. Now to the songs on cardboard glue a clear plastic cup and let the glue dry for sure (10-15 minutes).

You can make a mouse out of the foil ... and candy can be wrapped in it. Two candy in the foil stick together. At the junction of the glue pink ears, cut from felt. Here fasten loop. Of a thin pink ribbon trim make a ponytail, and her eyes as you can draw on their own, and buy at the store fixtures.

Children will love the delicious garland. Make it easier than ever: sweet popcorn, dried apricots and dried cranberries or raisins strung on a thick thread in any order.
Another succulent wreath. For its production you will need about a kilogram of candies in colorful wrappers and two ribbons - green and red. Ribbon cut into pieces of 10 cm using tape segments tie together all the candy wrappers in the "tails".

For the manufacture of such angelic garland, you'll need cotton balls, a little old tulle, cardboard, glass beads, white ribbon and wire. Cotton balls tie a thread so as to form a round head and body. Tulle, cut into small rectangles, draping, tie around the calf of the future angel. Of yellow cardboard cut out wings and attach to the workpiece toys. Make of wire and attach a halo on the head. Beads with large holes string on the tape at intervals of 1-2 cm, yellow thread to tie a beaded ribbon angels, so that between each toy can fit one more.

To make such cute Christmas "candy", you will need thick wire coil, and two sewing thread - red and white. Just bend the wire into the desired shape and alternating filamentary wrap frame.