Monday, December 12, 2011

Take heart in Japanese ... or what is the secret of success of Panasonic

The story is about
how to cope with stress in Japan.

Only in Japan could emerge Puppet Show "Take heart." After paying fines, the visitor entered the dark room, fenced off from the street by a curtain. He was given a few simple dishes. He beat them one by one on the ground and removed. Such Puppet very popular in Japan. Each person needs to throw out the accumulated negative energy. This leads to a good mood and health.

Sly, Konosuke Matsushita, founder of the group Panasonic, gave the workers take the soul, so to speak, without leaving the workplace. All smoking rooms (on all plants) have been installed mannequins that look like Matsushita, and sticks that can be beat on these dummies. Sometimes they are equipped with meters and special sound electronics. The counter recorded every blow, with mannequins published pitying exclamations of apology voice of the owner of the company. The number on the meter showed "rating" Matsushita.

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