Monday, December 26, 2011

St. Peter's fish

Did you know that the biblical fish, which Christ fed the hungry 5000, which caught the next St. Peter - this is not some abstract "Fish", but it is quite certain - GalileyskayaTilyapiya. It is found in the Promised waters of Lake Kinneret (it is the same - the Sea of ​​Galilee). That is where the fishermen - the disciples of Christ - were unprecedented haul. Christ being raised from the dead, showed them where to throw the net (John 21; 1-14).

However, Tilapia is found in many freshwater and saline water bodies all over the world. This fish has an interesting feature. The female lays eggs in the nest, but after fertilization it collects in the mouth and blows. The male immediately invited into the slot next girlfriend. A female with offspring in the mouth showing the wonders of dedication and it may not eat for a week. The result is that this fish has a lot of offspring and their survival rate is very high. Apparently, due to such vivid life, the image of tilapia so evident in the monuments of culture, and long before the biblical story. 

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