Saturday, December 3, 2011

Soy sauce. How to cook it at home.

Spicy salt. Soy sauce - it's not only soybeans

Soy sauce, definitely - the most famous and most "Japanese" product. Every day, every Japanese person consumes 24 grams of soy sauce ...

They say the recipe of this sauce for three thousand years, during which China and Japan have not been able to agree which of these countries has the right to be home to this wonderful product.
Soy sauce - it's not just soy ...

Soybeans are in themselves extremely useful: the protein they contain only 2.5 times less than in the meat. However, pure soy, frankly, the product is not for everybody. Another thing is soy sauce. That's just really soy sauce is not quite "soy." To begin with, that the manufacture of modern soy sauce, along with soybeans, used approximately equal proportion of wheat. In the old days instead of wheat in the manufacture of soy sauce used barley.

Subjected to fermentation, soybean sauce in a gain of almost incredible healing properties. No other product does not contain as many antioxidants as in soy sauce. So, tying the notorious free radicals and slows aging soy sauce reduces the likelihood of neoplastic diseases. Soy sauce is also useful for the heart: it is twice faster blood flow, helping to improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels.
Patience and work will give the sauce!

Recipe for making soy sauce is simple and at the same time quite laborious. First, soybeans are boiled or steamed until tender for a couple. Then it is mixed with flour, prepared from roasted barley or wheat grains. Next step: add some salt mixture and hang or lay out in special bags for ferment. And now the most important thing to be patient. Because it matures real soy sauce from eight months to two or three years. Only then can collect the accumulated spicy liquid.

Now the demand for soy sauce had grown so large that no one will wait three years until a "ripe" favorite condiment. And that's why manufacturers have learned to accelerate the complex process by adding a mixture of bacteria in fermentable or even by boiling soybeans with the addition of sulfuric acid. Alas, this is sadly affects the taste of soy sauce, and on its usefulness, and even reputation. So ancient and important product does not stand the hustle and bustle, so as to ensure the family a delicious and spicy with antiseptic and antioxidant, can tune in to a leisurely fashion, and soy sauce to cook at home.

Soy sauce: cook at home

1 / 4 cup of soy beans;
1 tbsp. l. flour;
1 cup of the broth (you can use any);
1 tbsp. l. butter, salt to taste.

Boil soybeans. Recline in a colander and give them to drain. Soy grind to puree state. In the resulting mass pour the flour and mix well. Then add the butter, season with salt and mix again. Add broth to the mass and put on fire. Give the sauce simmer for about 4 minutes. Serve chilled.