Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some Coffee History Facts:

‘Kaveh Kanes’ were the names of the first coffee houses set up in Mecca, which was the main place of trade for the berries.
Mocha is the name of the sea port that was a route to Mecca, which is where trades of coffee took place. Coffee was a well guarded commodity and it was not allowed for any one to take fertile coffee plants out of the country.
An Arab author named Scheha Beddin, the Mufti of Aden were the first to drink coffee. They lived during the 9th century.
Damascus, Syria, and Istanbul first opened coffeehouses around the 1530′s. It wasn’t until 1554 that Turkey opened theirs.
“Bunnu” is the Arabic word for coffee bean.
The Dutch were the first to bring coffee out of Mocha and introduce it to the rest of the world. Their first cultivation was in Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, in 1658.
An English chemist named George C. Washington, who lived in Guatemala, in 1906, invented the first instant coffee called “Red-E-Coffee.” In 1909 his product hit the market.

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