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Only for adults! Do you know enough of the men and sex?

Men and Sex
 Do you know enough of the men and sex?

1. Often a man feels that he overwhelmed the negative emotions.

Perhaps he upset because of some trouble at work... or  of his parents  health... or feels guilty for his behavior with you yesterday ... But men are brought up in the belief that it is bad to demonstrate feelings  to others such as fear, pain, helplessness, confusion, sadness...   So your partner can not express these feelings in words or do not know how to do this. And suddenly he occurs sexual desire.

Even if you suspect what negative emotions are hidden behind your partner's sexual advances, do not apply mind that you know about this, give your man an opportunity to share his feelings.
Do not say: "Do not touch me! I know you're upset about something, and while you not tell me about it,  of no sex, there can be no question. "
Say, "Honey, I'd like you to just lay down next to me. I'm so nice to feel your closeness. "

 If you create an environment in which man can remove the emotional tension in a conversation with you, it brought together more..... and your sexual relationship will be filled with more passion

2. Men feel rejected if you reject their sexual offers

Sex is a very important form of expression of men feelings, it's kind of a way to offer themselves in the hope that it will be physically and emotionally.

 When your partner makes you a sexual suggestion, he offers you more than just sex. He seems to be saying, "Please accept me."

He may be unaware of these motives, but just try to reject him and he'll feel a deep sense of oppression and humiliation. He do not hear your "I'm tired" or "not now." He hear "I do not love you, I do not want you, you are bad..." It may be that your partner will not know how to express his resentment of your refusal, and, as so often happens, he can lose sexual interest  to you or will look for a replacement on the side.

 That's why men like women who are not afraid to show that they love sex. In that case man becomes more confident in himself and begins to feel more attracted to you. 
Remember that men hate when women reject them! The traditional role of men - the initiator of sex - puts him in the position of a person who is at risk of being rejected. Therefore, he will experience a sense of gratitude to you, if you able to offer sex  first,  what mean you  are willing to risk too.

Never totally reject sexual advances of your partner.
Do not just say "no"
Say: "Darling, I'm a little tired today. Maybe you just lie down with me, I feel so good when you are next ", Say" I love you, I love to make love to you, but at the moment I was so tired after work, I could not love you so as I wanted. Embrace me, my dear, and let's find another time to love... let the children go to sleep."  So, remember that when your man gives you sex,
first of all, he tends to get love...surely caress him, or  let him know  in any other way,  how much he means to you.

3. Illusion of penis erect.
If your partner has come erection - not necessarily that it is configured to have sex, and it is possible that he was not sexually aroused.

Women believe that when our men erection occurs, he is quite excited and ready for sex. However, this is not always the case. An erection occurs as a result of a rush of blood to the penis. There are a few reasons for non-sexual erections:

 1. As a rule, in the morning the men wake up with an erection. This does not necessarily mean that they are sexually aroused - erection is a physiological effect resulting from occurring processes in the male body during sleep and waking. Sometimes a full bladder can lead to increased pressure in the lower part of a man's body, causing an erection.

 2. Friction or pressure tight clothing on the penis or prolonged sitting in a bent position can cause an erection. In the penis contains thousands of tactile nerve endings that, in response to friction causes increased blood flow to the penis.

 3. Erections can occur because of stress. When a man is upset something, or he worried about something, blood vessels constrict, pressure goes up, and an erection may occur.

 We believe that our partner is sexually excited, that is our response. But sometimes it can create a situation which will lead to frustration and misunderstanding between the partners. Because of "the illusion of an erection," you may mistakenly think that something or someone arouses your man.

In most cases, erection, you see, this is not an illusion, and proof of actual excitement. But if in doubt, ask your partner if he is excited. For example, you wake up in the morning and see your partner's erection. But you are not sure whether it is imaginary, or he's really excited and wants to make love.
You have two options:
First - ask him if he really is ready for sex;
Second - forget about your doubts, act with confidence, believing that it was his invitation to sex. And believe me - he will not mind even if you make a mistake! Even if it was not sufficiently agitated, as soon as he senses your mood, he is really excited.

4. Your man will deal love with you more often, if sometime you will allow him just sex .

There is a difference between sex and love. Sex - is a physiological act, in which both partners get physical satisfaction .. When making love, you are immersed in the emotional atmosphere of love and adoration.

Women prefer to receive love from their men ... men prefer physical relaxation

- Hugs;
- Many kisses;
- Unhurried foreplay;
- Talk about feelings in bed;
- Emotional outbursts during sex;
- Romance.

- Spontaneity;
- Physical passion;
- Playful healthy sex

 Sometimes, making love, your man does not show much enthusiasm. This is because secretly he just wants to get sexual satisfaction, but he is afraid to admit it to you.
Spontaneity and passion - the attributes of sex, which are often lost in the sensual, slow foreplay. But men want to experience the joy and spontaneity of sexual attacks as well as women crave affection and love. The mistake women is that they deny this to their partners, mistakenly believing that the partner has to love them less than last night when they made love ..

The truth is that men are more affectionate and attentive lovers, if you let them just sex from time to time.

5. Men love oral sex

This is a well known fact that men love oral sex. But what is the true cause of this?

Man's penis is not only the most sensitive, but also the most vulnerable part of the body. This is the epitome of his masculinity, his sense of power, his "I". It is impossible to hide male arousal at the time when the women's institute knows only the woman.

Men love oral sex, not only because it's good, but because they feel at this moment, that they wanted and loved!

One of the major mistakes of women is that they cultivate a sense of aversion to oral sex: "How can you take it in your mouth?". However, the essence of this act is that the way you express your love and admiration for your beloved. Oral sex gives great feeling man. This gives him the feeling that you love him, that he is dear to you!

What men hate in oral sex

Here is a list of the most common complaints of men.

1. Men hate it when women suck penis, as if they were trying to milk a cow by mouth. Many women make the mistake of thinking that this is how to make an oral sex. Of course, every man has his own tastes, but most of them still prefer their penis stroked and gently caressed with lips, but does not suck.

 2. Men hate the touch of the teeth to the penis. A man's penis is very sensitive. It is unlikely that there is man who like it when they chew his penis.

 3. Men hate it when women are engaged solely in oral sex and ignore the other parts of their bodies. "I hate it when a woman oral sex and not caressed my chest or neck or leg." A man wants to be loved completely. This is not just for the sake of excitement, but he  wants to feel that you need him.

 4. Men hate it when women are engaged in oral sex in silence. You probably know the feeling when a man gives you oral sex in silence, and you are lying down and not sure if he liked to do it or not? Men also feel uncomfortable when a woman silently perform such an intimate act of love, as do a daily work. Of course, it is difficult to say something when the mouth is full. But you
always can interrupted for a moment and tell your partner how he is a wonderful ... how he is handsome and manly, and how much you love him. He will appreciate it!

 5. Men hate it when women spit cum.  To swallow it or not - this is a very sensitive issue. But you should know that many men feel offended when you're rushing into the bathroom to spit the semen into the sink ... or frantically looking for a scarf ... or, worst of all, you will be suspended at the time of the male orgasm and semen is poured out into nowhere. This makes the partner feel that you have abandoned him at a time when he was so frank with you. It makes him feel uncomfortable, as if you found him disgusting, dirty, and engaged in oral sex with him by force.

 Male sperm is revered as a precious elixir in traditional Chinese and Indian philosophies. Some Eastern philosophers, such as yoga Tang, argue that the male sperm has a regenerating effect restoring force and a unique elixir that promotes health and longevity.

Of course, it does not always taste good! Because sperm - a product of vital activity of your partner... its taste and quality evidence about the physical health of men. Drugs, alcohol, stress and food - all affect the quality of sperm by men. 
If your partner drinks a lot of bitter beverages such as coffee or alcohol, his sperm will have a bitter taste. And men who eat a lot of animal protein (especially beef), containing a lot of blood products, sour taste, and the sperm will be sour. But if you change his diet, you will feel the change in the taste of semen. For example, few days  give your partner pineapple juice, and then try his sperm - it will be more delicious!

6. Why men do not like to talk and make love at the same time

Unlike women, men are much more difficult to say and do anything together. He could never paint her nails, chatting on the phone and cook something - at the same time.

The main reason is the difference in the device of male and female brain. That's why men have problems when you want to hear from him the assurance of eternal love and devotion at a time when it focuses on sex. We know that most men are generally quite difficult to express their feelings. This is even more difficult to do if at the time they perform a complex task, like sex.
No need to get upset and make far-reaching conclusions if in answer to your sentimental declarations of love you hear a heavy breathing of your partner. Just a man, having sex, it is very difficult to switch from one hemisphere to another. Most likely, he does not even understand the meaning of your passage. For most men, it is not so easy and natural, as for you, to do something, to think and to talk - simultaneously.

Why women's talkativeness  during sex, annoying men
When a man makes love ... he gives all himself to this process ... and the last thing he wants to do is to hold a conversation. For this he should stop and think about what to say to you. In this case, the whole process will come to nothing. Everything what distracts men from sex, annoying them. They are too obsessed with love and intimacy, to talk about them.

If you care to express your passion in words, do not restrain yourself, but tell your partner that he is not obliged to answer you. This enables him to relieve stress, and your monologue will not annoy him in bed.
Or try making love in silence. Perhaps this will allow you to experience new sensations.

7. Why do men often seem Loss after sex

After sex, men are excluded, because they are trying to restore the balance .. after they let emotions get out during orgasm.
If you had sex with someone you barely know, then there is a simple explanation for his exclusion - he has received from you everything he wanted, and sank into himself, into his life.
But if you feel alienated from a loved one, for this is another reason.
Man - strong nature, but during orgasm, he lose control and unleash his emotions. After that, he feel uncomfortable. Therefore, after sex, he try to take himself in hand. For this he need a little to be alone, that will restore his inner "I"
Just give him some minutes for that.

8. The most powerful stimulating effect on men - is the visual stimuli

Men have a well developed visual perception of the world. As you know, a man "loves" by eye. That's why the boys in their teens, walking the path of becoming sexual, considering pornographic magazines, while the girls read romance novels.
That is why the force of passion for your partner will depend on how you look. Baggy flannel nightgowns, ugly underwear, excessive make-up is unlikely to add you sexuality. If you want your man always admired you, take care, that you  always  to look
nice for him. 
Look at your wardrobe. Take your man to shop if you're going to buy new clothes and listen to his vie. Allow him to choose  
underwear  for you.

If you are used to make love in the dark, try not to switch off lights or light candles in the room. Remember, men
excited in bed from what they see. While you wait on your partner's words of love, his eyes slide over your body, because the visual impression more important to him. Give him a little light, so that he could see you!

Perhaps you have noticed that men will never miss the sight a beautiful woman? This often causes a feeling of jealousy on the part of their ladies. And often it is quite wrong. The fact that a man threw a glance at another woman, does not mean that he does not love you. Just men are arranged so that their eyes need visual stimulation.

If a man is not just watching, and trying to flirt or give special attentions to another woman, it's another. It is not normal. Such disrespectful behavior has a destructive impact on relationships. Even if he starts to just ogle - it's rude and vulgar, especially if you're next.

If you are concerned that your man is looking at other women, discuss this with him. Ask him how he felt, looking at other women. If you see that he looks admiringly at another woman. tell him: "Do not you think her feet are beautiful?" . First, he may be shocked or even embarrassed by the fact that he was caught in flagrante delicto.
If you feel that he was admiring the beauty of another woman, but always admires you with pleasure, if he proud of you:  "She is mine!" .. then let him that innocent liberty. If he understands that you are leaving to him the right to look around, he will no  feel guilty  more... and you will become for him more closer.