Friday, December 2, 2011

SEX Role-play: Yes or No? Yes!!!

Sexual life can not tolerate boredom. If you do not make it to the variety, it becomes a way of life and does not make fun of the fabulous and emotional ups as before. Role-playing games created specifically for this. With their help, the night turns into a passionate theater show, starring that you and your partner ...

If each of intimacy is not like the previous one, it becomes unforgettable. And from a woman who is able to transform and be different in bed, man does not want to leave, and if they go, be sure to come back.

Role-playing - this is a sure way to not only subdue the man, but also realize their innermost fantasies. So, first you must discard all the complexes and to determine what you need and what you want to be in bed with a beloved man today. The main thing is that for him it is not a complete surprise, and if you have prepared a surprise, it is necessary to pre-determine his attitude toward the role-playing games and who he sees himself in them - an imperious master or submissive slave women's desires, he wants to seduce you, or be tempted. This approach saves on misunderstandings, and the game will bring pleasure to both parties.

The game may not start in the bedroom. It can leave even the limits of the apartment and to develop in any part of the city, a smooth transition to a climax. There are plenty of Script. Many men dream master the young nurse, a strict teacher, submissive servant or obliging secretary. Their fantasies may embody a single woman with no will hurt.

Often the power women dream to feel weak and vulnerable to a man, and some secretly visited dirty fantasies about having sex with men considerably lower status. You can offer your partner the role of a plumber or taxi driver, who take possession of an impregnable lady, as she lost vigilance. Or become a prostitute for the evening and enjoy a vulgar sex with him as a client for money. And, perhaps, someone turned on a uniform? Try try and cop images of the offender, and you can do it one by one.

If you think over whether you should resort to intimate games with reincarnation, the answer to this question one - yes. You may not know you like it or not, until you try for yourself. Experiments in bed is always interesting, but how they will be successful depends on the both of you.