Monday, December 12, 2011

Patio Cordobes. Andalucia. Spain.

Each year, the Spanish city of Córdoba
open its inner courtyards of the public,
showing the visual feast of colorful flowers,
stone mosaics and stunning water features. Courtyards in most of the year and jasmine blossoms orange turning the air into an exotic flavor.
Every spring blooms Cordoba
to a special feast of flowers in the month of May.
It begins with a parade known as
the "Battle of Flowers."
Contest sponsored by Patio of Córdoba city hall and began in 1918. Because of the hot and dry climate in Cordova, the houses were built with a central courtyard from the time of the Romans. This tradition was continued by the Moors and is prevalent in many homes today. Filling the central courtyard with flowers and water features has always been a way to keep local home cool. But thanks to human creativity and ingenuity of decoration patio ended up that displays the life and characteristics of each living in its family. And someone realized that all these hidden treasures are too good to be kept behind heavy doors. Thus, once a year, doors are opened, and all offers to enter to see the wonders of patios of Cordoba

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