Saturday, December 24, 2011

The most unusual facts from the world jurisprudence

10th place - an instructive sentence in the history of Roman law. Roman, who raised his hand in his blood relative, put the bag in which were a dog, rooster, snake and monkey, and thrown into the river.

On the 9th place - the law of ancient Babylon. Doctor who was to blame for the death of the patient, chop both hands so that he no longer engaged in doctoring.

8th place - Mongolia under Genghis Khan. Death penalty to those who urinate in the water. The water in the boundless steppes of Mongolia, was considered sacred.

On the 7th place - the law of 18th century Britain. Playing the bagpipes and wearing kilt (Scottish male skirt) punishable by death.

6th place - the massacre of animals. The Swiss town of Basel, in 1474 - burned cock snesshy egg and accused of witchcraft in it. 1740, France - on charges of witchcraft hung a cow.

On the 5th place dog who was serving a prison sentence in Washington on charges of attempting to bite. Severe overseas law.

4th place is unique miscarriage of justice. In 1540, a Spanish court has recognized certain specific mole guilty of damaging the tapestry, valued at more than 10 thousand gold. Mole was sentenced to beheading, and the sentence was carried out. The fault was that in fact the true culprits of the crime were unfortunate moth larvae.

On the 3rd place is the river Diala in Iraq, condemned to death by the Persian king Cyrus, because of its turbulent waters drowned his favorite horse. Moreover, the sentence was carried out. By order of the king
more than 360 channels had dug, which are completely dry up the river at fault.

2nd place is occupied by the longest process in the history of jurisprudence - the inhabitants of the French town of St Jean de Mollien against locusts. The first hearing began in 1545, but in that year locusts flew away, without waiting for the verdict. 42 years later
locusts  returned... and hearings were resumed. And the lawyer locust achieved a positive decision. The court decided to grant areas for locust  food, which were outside the vineyard, where the locusts ate before. But two months later, the irrepressible lawyer complained that the provision of sites are infertile and do not provide proper sustenance locusts. Court proceedings resumed again, but winter came and the grasshopper flew again.

At 1st place there is American Beer lover Richard Overton, who has accused brewing concern Anheuser-Busch in default promotions. As it turned out, no matter how much Overton did drink beer, but girls from advertising  did not come
to him. The claim amounted to 10 thousand dollars, which Anheuser-Busch paid a dissatisfied customer. Following this precedent, U.S. companies have become more careful about their promotional products.

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