Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mistakes men in bed with a female perspective

Girls can discuss with friends the most intimate aspects of sexual life. But for some reason they hesitate to share their observations with their loved ones. Therefore, in anonymous surveys we have been able to figure out what kind of errors allowed the men in bed.

Error number one.
Kiss is not enough.
For men kiss - this is a prelude. Women want more. Individuals female - it's snow queen. It is necessary to melt their ice. How it fired? That's right, little by little. There is a category of men who believe that the minimum saliva exchange is  enough  to go to take decisive action.

There are a second category, which prefers to caress the woman's breast "in a hurry."
They start licking and sucking furiously, sometimes even biting. But age is not an infant, as evidenced by barbed bristles. This man must be a beast in bed, but without cannibalism! The nipples are very sensitive when rubbed blisters on them, they will cease to function. The second option mockery of female breast - this is to squeeze it tighter. Hey, man, you do not twist the clothes!

Error number two.
Play hockey highlight.
Some representatives of the stronger sex for some reason people think that kissing is like sweet hockey highlight. Therefore they try to be assertive and stick tongue deep into her throat. The woman - a human being too, and she has a gag reflex!

Error number three.
Undue effort.
Female clitoris is not similar to the floor, not in any way. It does not need polishing by friction. But a misplaced effort may be affected and make the process painful.

Error number four.
No vampires
 No need to put on the neck passionately. It is better not to put them anywhere. And do not dribble in the ears of the girl. 

Error number five.
Oh, you dirty boy!
Women more sensitive sense of smell. Keep clean underwear, and everything in it.

Error number six.
Stop during the action.
Absolutely not understand why a man stops during sex? The woman on the verge of orgasm, and partner for some reason decides it's time to stand still and think. What is there to think?

Error number seven.
Inexplicably, but true. You can not take off his shirt, but you must remove the socks.

Error number eight.
We are in the morgue or at the stadium?
There is a type of men who have sex exceptionally quiet. In this case all the turbulent emotions affect their face. Sight quite frightening! Sometimes you need to behave quietly, and sometimes that can afford to make some noise and. Especially when it's nice.
There is one caveat, too. Allowed to moan, but still it is not necessary to yell, as during a game at the stadium.

Error number nine.
Power fellatio.
As mentioned earlier, many women have well-developed gag reflex. And the classic porn film "Deep Throat" is quite far from real life. Not everyone is able to breathe through the  nose when something is blocking a  throat. So do not upset, if, woman
return to you the earlier  eaten lunch... in response to your "pride."

And remember that not all women love to eat cum, so ask before you get satisfaction.

Error number ten.
Sweet dreams.
  The women - terrible selfish. After sex, they want to continue the feast. They are furious when the man turned on his back and begins to snore. If you are full of vigor and energy, you can try to distract her juggling with oranges. But if you work hard in bed and you are very sleepy ... there is one trick: rub a woman's back. First, gently and quite intensively, then slower and more gentle. It's very relaxing. Now you can hug her and ... snore.