Monday, December 12, 2011

Khajuraho: the ancient temples of erotica in India

 Khajuraho - a small town in India, known worldwide for its unique temples with erotic reliefs on the walls.

Given that the locals here are three thousand people, Khajuraho might well have been lost in the woods called the village. However, the tourism industry is doing its work, and this is initially detached from civilization site today was built its own airport, hotels and numerous restaurants.

A considerable part of the inhabitants of Khajuraho can at least speak a little in several European languages​​, and some bad, and knows some of them. What is not surprising, because the main source of income for most of the population of the town in any way associated with servicing the tourists coming here to see the temples of love.

To date, remained little more than twenty of these temples, built in the same architectural style and how to represent a single composition.

Initially, these temples were as many as 85. Their construction took place a thousand years ago - during the period from 950 in 1050. Of the few extant documents it is known that at that time was ruled Chandella Rajputs, Khajuraho in which played the role of a religious center.

These scanty data are complemented by a beautiful legend. According to her, Moon God seduced Hemavati, beautiful daughter of a Brahmin, when she was bathing in the river at night.

When Hemavati son was born, she was forced to leave her father's house, condemned by society and family for a child born out of wedlock. But in the dense forests of central India, she managed to bring up and educate a boy, who was half god and half man.

Wisdom and power of his father allowed him to become the ruler who founded the great dynasty of Chandela. And one day he appeared in a dream, already detached in the world other mother, begged him to build temples of the earth's human passion.

And, indeed, along with the usual images of gods for temples, shrines on the walls of Khajuraho, we see a variety of erotic scenes.

And some of the scenes can be called not only immoral but perverted:

As a result, even in the Indian attitude to the temples of Khajuraho is still quite ambiguous. A number of radical clerics even require erotic reliefs on their walls have been destroyed.

However, these temples are now protected by UNESCO. And they even periodically restored:

All the guidebooks tout Indian tourists at Khajuraho, often calling thence temples "sanctuaries Kama Sutra."

The tourists, in turn, poses happily photographed images for use in real life will require some acrobatic skills:

And yet, in fact, to say that temples Khajuraho celebrate carnal pleasures - is largely simplified and misunderstanding. Suffice it to note that all the sex scenes are shown only on the outer walls of temples. And that would symbolize that the person until he attracted the love of joy, nothing to look inside the sanctuary.

However, this concept is not a condemnation of sex, because erotic reliefs also inseparable from the temples.

And before we wise philosophy of ancient times, when a man must first know the earthly joys. It was only when he enjoy them and feel their frailty, his mind will be open for true knowledge of the universe and its creator.

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