Monday, December 26, 2011

Kama Sutra is about sexual and social relations

Did you know that the world-famous book "Kamasutra" includes not only descriptions of sexual positions, but also thoughts about relationships, men and women and life in general? In fact, sexual positions in this book is devoted to India only one-fifth (15 chapters out of 64). Most of the book are reflections on love in general, about girls, about men, about the relationship between the sexes, and charm of courtship.

The word "Kamasutra" is translated as "instruction on the chamber," that is about all aspects of love and satisfaction. However, among the Europeans, the Kama Sutra is of interest primarily because it described in sexual positions.

For scientists, it also represents another value: the book describes the fascinating facts about life in India at that time.

Sources: Wikipedia (Kama Sutra).

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