Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting facts about reptiles

Moloch lizard that lives in the deserts of Australia, has the unique ability to collect water on your skin. Got on your skin absorbs the liquid does not immediately, but misses the microscopic channels between the scales to fall in lizards. Moloch is able to extract water from even the wet sand, just buried in his belly.

In Asian countries can be seen flying snakes. They can climb to the tops of the trees and soar from there down, smoothing the edges to the sides and turning into something like a flat ribbon. Some individuals may thus cover a distance of 100 meters.

Some species of lizards frill-eminent in extreme danger, involve a unique defense mechanism against predators: they shoot at the enemy with its blood from the corners of the eyes at a distance of five feet.

In the 16th century explorers discovered the Galapagos Islands, and with them living there giant tortoises. Soon they were used as "living canned." While the diet of sailors consisted of biscuits and corned beef. Turtles can live without food and water for months. They were killed as required in fresh meat. It was wiped out many species of giant tortoises.

In many reptiles, sex of the embryo, which grows in the egg, is not determined by chromosomes, parents, and ambient temperature.

Snakes and lizards (saurians) have a bi-lobed reproductive organ called the hemipene. This organ is tucked away in the tail, emerging from the body through the vent, generally during mating when it is inserted into the female's vent. Some males, such as green iguanas, may ejaculate during breeding season outside of mating attempts.

English and Italian zoologists informed about the amazing discovery. It turns out that Komodo monitor (Varanus komodoensis) - the rarest and the world's largest lizard - are able to reproduce parthenogenetically, that is, without males. Two female Komodo monitor to UK zoos to lay eggs from which hatched successfully normal calves. Unlike other gay lizards, monitor lizards parthenogenetic offspring - male. The debate about the evolutionary significance of bisexual reproduction continues.

In contrast to the fairy-tale dragons, giant Komodo lizard does not fly and belches fire. Due to their gigantic size - the powerful body, large head and long, powerful tail - it is the largest of all known lizards. It is established that the dark, almost black giant lizard Komodo has a length of three meters and weigh up to 150 separate instances of pounds. They have powerful jaws and a bright yellow tongue. Komodoskie raptors - predators. Favorite food monitors - deer, they kidnap domestic goats, chickens, and sometimes dogs. They have horrible reputation: they can not be tamed, and make no distinction between human and deer - both for them just the food.

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