Monday, December 12, 2011

Human flesh? / * not for the squeamish * /

Valentine's Day love people get weird gifts, eating sweet heart, warm your hands on hearts, salt, enjoy a box of chocolates in the shape of the heart. If it was not a symbol of love hearts and other human organ, the lovers would have devoured human flesh culinary aesthetic of another kind - chocolate light, shortbread "brain" Bean "eyes."

In the ritual cannibalism among American Indians was made to eat that part of the human body, which requires improvement in consumer. Want to run fast - eat leg captive want to hear well - use your ears.

This medieval Europe were eating human flesh as necessary due to crop failure or cattle plague.

The artist Helga Petrau-Hentzel covers gourmet table of unusual dishes on Valentine's Day - in the form of marzipan body parts or organs. It looks awful, though the taste is sweet.

Sculptural sensuality Helga was overcome when she saw a picture of a 46-year-old actress Kitten Kay Sera, which is obsessed with everything pink. The artist wanted the sculpture to fashion a pink lady and make it sweet.
So she chose the marzipan as a material for sculpting. Satisfaction assessed first sweet sculptural work Petrau-Hentzel decided to go further in her fantasies. She began sculpting marzipan disgusting things, such as stale a pig's head. Despite the fact that the "creative" process caused revulsion at the attacks of Helga, a strange artist continued to "create".

The artist that made marzipan material for the creation of the odious, is on a diet.

No less shocking cooking "masterpieces" for the holiday of lovers offers a bakery in Thailand.

Here they are, the sinister secrets of Thai cuisine. Conjoined cooks baked from flour, raisins, chocolate edible parts of the human body. Some of the loaves and buns decorated "bloody". Fans of "selovechiny" offer a wide range - from the human head to the hands ...

In the bakery trade blame for human flesh guy named Kittivat Unarrom. He is the son and student of the baker's Art Institute. Here it is causing "a dream cannibal."

Nervous better not to watch.

The creative process of "master"

How do you look on such a delicacy?  Yum! :-))))))

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