Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to tie a scarf in winter: a master class

In cold weather, a scarf is an indispensable accessory of our wardrobe ... And this season, designers offer a huge selection of models to suit every taste: Snudy, fur collars, voluminous knitted or thin cashmere ...

By the way, the manner of my scarf can tell a lot about your character. Pedantic person prefer evenly folded and neatly tied scarves, and impulsive, creative people, on the contrary, like twisted, casually wrapped around his neck.

option 1

This option is ideal for large volume and long scarves. Scarf tied in a way you can wear it over jackets or coat.

Step 1. Take a long, wide scarf. Fold it into a narrow strip. Throws a scarf around his neck so that one end is longer than the other. The long end is wrapped around the neck. We should get a collar-yoke.

Step 2. The free ends ties to the site. Please note that fastens from the bottom, formed under the collar.

Step 3. We take out the bottom of the "collar" and put on his top knot.

Step 4. Done!

Step 5. If you want to experiment a bit, just slide the scarf a little to one side to a free end was behind him.

option 2

An interesting way to tying a thin cashmere scarf. However, with interior or scarf with wool stoles get at least an interesting option.

Step 1. As in the first scenario, we add a wide scarf in half. Now add it in half so that one end was a little longer than the other. Once again, add up the scarf in half and put on his neck.

Step 2. In a loop skipping the loose ends. The result was a favorite Italian version of wearing a scarf.

Step 3. The longer we take out the free end of the loop and overlay it on top hinge, at the same time passing through it.

Step 4. As a result, we should get a "pigtail." A little fluff scarf to give volume. Done!