Monday, December 12, 2011

How to make the right choice?

 Positive parable about 
how to make the right decisions in life.

Disciple came to his spiritual mentor, and says:
- Teacher, help me! I want to be wise and successful man. But I did not get!
- Why did you decided? - Asked the teacher.
- I do not have a life of wisdom. Many of the decisions I make, unfortunately, are not true. For example, a month ago in front of me was the choice of where to go on vacation: the mountains or the sea.
- And what do you choose?
- I went to the mountains.
- The perfect solution - the teacher said.
- I thought so too - sigh pupil. - But the whole month of my vacation was rain in the mountains ... Meanwhile, my friends, well rested by the sea. And why should I not go with them?
 And such situations very often occur in my life - still a student. - Teacher, tell me, how do I become wiser?

The teacher thought about it and said:
- It is very easy: just believe in your choice!
Any decision we make - right! You do not know what could happen to you in the sea. Perhaps you have picked up some disease, and lay to rest all in bed. Everything is very relative. In any case, the main thing is always take a proactive stance and take at least some solution. Any decision is better than no solution!
We never know which road is better - is that on which we went that way, or to which we have not turned off.

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