Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to excite a man

This issue can cause someone to smile on the face, but someone really interested in the answer to it. Judge for yourself: if the man was in bed with a woman, then he probably already very excited, so why make any effort to ensure that happens naturally. That is, unless we are talking about sex on a first date and the initial stage of relations ...

And if a couple lives together and every day, sleeping in one bed, then it is likely that they do not always fit into it, to have sex. Man is not a robot, and the man was not sex machine, so he held a tired, want to sleep, yield stress, be in a bad mood or ill. What to do in such an emergency - if you desire gushing out over the edge, but he is not to intimate games.

If he was tired at work, start with the excitement of relaxation. To do this required a bit of warm massage oil with essential oils, such as lavender, and your desire, which is certainly enough time so you decide to wake up the beast. Start with a light back massage, which gradually turn into a full body massage. This massage can be done not only with your hands. Use as a weapon of exciting your breast, abdomen, thighs. The effect of the effort will double - full relaxation for him and killing sex for you.

Your love came home evil from workl? Do not anger him even more, otherwise you will not see sex as your own ears. He wants to talk - talk, does not want - keep quiet. Make him a bathroom with foam ... and cook valerian or peppermint tea with lemon or honey. He needs to calm his nerves. When he relaxes a bit, offer to wash him. But washing does not imply an intense friction backs. Bathe him in full, paying particular attention to private parts. It would be nice to press him and jump into the tub yourself, as well as connect kisses.

Stress interferes with your partner think about sex? It does not matter. Help him relax, but so that he does not need to do anything for this. Seat the man on a comfortable chair, pour him a little glass of his favorite whiskey, brandy or wine and proceed to the main point. The program this evening - the first open strip in your performance, then good sex with you in the lead role.

If a man wants to sleep very much, you'd better leave him  alone and go to the bathroom in a company with a vibrator. Although you can not go anywhere and set to work in his presence. From this unexpected turn of events, sleep instantly disappear and loved will want to not only watch but also participate in the process of your satisfaction.

For morning sex when he was still asleep, but inside you have all woke up and asks love and tenderness, it is difficult to imagine a better agent than oral sex. Surely every man wants to wake up that way, so do not deny yourself and to him the pleasure.