Monday, December 12, 2011

Five color river and its secrets

Caño Cristales - perhaps the world's only five color river. Flows is a miracle in the northern part of Colombia, taking the top of the plateau to the south of the mountain range of Sierra de la Macarena, and stretches to the east, just over 100 kilometers of falling into the river Guayabero.

However, the five-color this river is often called by locals and tourists. But in reality translates as Caño Cristales Crystal River. And, most surprisingly, the two names are completely reflect reality.

The fact that the waters of Caño Cristales differ amazing clarity, but its channel and river rocks covered with moss green and brown, as well as algae, which in the warm season, becoming a multi-colored tint. And the part that looks like the waters of the river itself are painted in different colors.

However, in the dry season also happens that in place of the river is only a sun-scorched track. But in the midst of the rainy season the water level in Crystal River rises so much that algae no longer receive enough light and pale. During such periods, Cano Cristales turns into the most ordinary river.

However, applicable whether the word "ordinary" to the river, even in these times? After all, even her bottom completely covered with numerous pools, reminiscent of the traces of an unknown huge animal. And throughout the five colors of the River there is a set of small but stunningly beautiful waterfalls.

In the cliffs along the river are the caves, the walls which you can see ancient paintings and hieroglyphics, inflicted many centuries ago.

A major mystery of Crystal River has long been considered that, in spite of the purity of water, it did not with fish. True, scholars pointedly explain this bed features Caño Cristales.

Here is a wonder of nature, this five color river. So, if you travel in the north of Colombia, I suggested you where to look

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