Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The first global craze.

  The fashion of snuff has been brought to Europe by Columbus. During his second voyage Spanish monk named Ramon Pane saw the Indians make it to Haiti. In 1561, the French ambassador in Lisbon, sent some tobacco to Catherine de Medici, recommended as the best means to cure her son's migraines. This belief has helped the spread of snuff among the elites.
   With the advent of affordable and high quality Virginia tobacco in the 17th century, it became the first U.S. commodity spread throughout the vast territory - in Europe, Asia and Africa.
   In 1607, when Jamestown was founded, tobacco spread to the upper classes Delhi, where, to the consternation of the courtiers, especially the smoker was the Mughal emperor.
In 1635 the Manchu Khan discovered that his own soldiers sold their arms in exchange for tobacco.
   In 1640, the Vatican received complaints that the priests conduct mass with lighted cigars in their mouths.
   Furious, Pope Urban VIII and no less enraged Khan Manchurian Hongtaydzhi banned smoking - almost simultaneously. The Russian tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich simply told to cut the noses to smokers.
   From Bristol to Boston and from Boston to Beijing, people have become part of international culture of tobacco. Virginia played a seemingly small but crucial role in creating the first global mania.

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