Monday, December 26, 2011

The cruel beauty

Pearl's death.
We used to think that there is a pearl in the shell of a grain of sand, accidentally got there. But this is just a beautiful legend vendors who surrounded his goods romantic flair. We admire the pearls, not knowing that the most beautiful gem - it's just a beautiful sarcophagus for a worm. Pearl is born, when inside a tiny parasite kills mussels. He made his way inside, through the shell valves to eat meat mussels. To get rid of the threat of mussel kills it, covering it with layers of nacre. This process continues until the end of her life.

Violence, for the sake of beauty.
Method of production of cultured pearls is in fact an act of violence against the poor oysters.
This method is patented in 1900, by Japanese Mikimoto Kokochii (after 20 years of research).
Two years of deception pearls make relax, placing them in warm water. When the shells are opened, make a puncture in the gonads (reproductive organs) and placed there a seed. Most often it is polished beads from shells and 2-mm plate of oysters other epithelia of the mantle, which stimulates the production of nacre. After this delicate pearl recover within three months .. but many of them die as a result of this second operation.

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