Saturday, December 10, 2011

Compliments to love one

I want to start a family and have children with your sense of humor!

Your sense of humor extends the life of everyone!

The gods weep with laughter when they hear your jokes!

Your sense of humor entirely suited to my playful mood.

What is most precious to me?
Twinkle that you are giving so generously!

Smile more often! Even the angels are jealous of your smile!

The sun rises early in the morning to see you smile!

How to make the world a better and brighter? You just smile!

Looking at you, on your beautiful body,
I turn into a young child who only knows one word - I WANT!

Your curves are graceful, like a harp! ... 
Delightful as the singing of the nightingale! ...
Tempting, as the water in the midday heat!

Clothing - a cruel thing!
It hides your incredible figure!

 Perhaps you are from Venus?
There is no such beauty in the world!

You're more beautiful than spring!
After all, your beauty makes me happy all year round!

Surprised that the birds sing under your window?
They also know that there is no one more beautiful than you!

With your mind computers were even among the ancient people!

Encyclopedias? Who needs it when you are!

Your mind is ruthless, it conquers all without distinction!

If nature has ever created something truly perfect, so is your mind

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