Thursday, December 15, 2011

The bridge is "364.4 Smoots and one ear" in length

In 1958, the American students, just for fun, they decided to measure the length of Harvard Bridge using one student named Oliver Smoot. His height was taken for the unit and called it "One Smoot." Smoot unit is about 170 centimeters. So, "Onw Smoot@ is about 170 cm.
Moving him in the supine position from one side of bridge to another, they did brief annotations and inscriptions on the bridge. The total length of the bridge was "364.4 Smoots and one ear".   After reconstruction of the bridge in 1988, city officials erased all grades, the students all the time constantly updated. However, police intervened. It turned out that the police used to navigate by marks "Smoots" in the investigation of accidents on the bridge. As a result, grades have been restored. In career Oliver Smoot is  headed by the International Standards Organization ISO.

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