Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breakfast in bed for a loved one

Let the men do not take offense, but the phrase "breakfast in bed" in most cases means "breakfast for the ladies." Any woman would be a pleasant sign of attention. Breakfast should be spontaneous, bright, not very thick and cooked from the heart. Surprise - it's always a good thing!

To apply, you can use a special breakfast table ... or any tray with borders ... or, in extreme cases, a large cutting board ... or plate.

The queue for food. You can certainly make instant coffee and sandwiches out of bread and sausages, but that is your goal - a nice breakfast, talking about your love.

So, what products? Can be considered universal: fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, eggs, dairy products (including cheese and cottage cheese, but not fresh milk), fresh pastries and olive oil (though they calories, but they are useful in small quantities does not affect the figure). In this luncheon should not be anything fatty, smoked, fried, greasy and hard.

There should be only a few ingredients in breakfast. Optimally, 3-4. Components breakfast should approach each other and not interfere in taste, flavor or texture. Cutting the ingredients should be comfortable and beautiful. And most importantly - you have to make breakfast fast.
It can be toasted with jam or cheese, can be sliced ​​into strips vegetables, herbs and a slice of black bread, cheese ...

The simplest thing that could make any man - it's fried or scrambled eggs. A little imagination ... and eggs into a culinary masterpiece.

Fried eggs
2 eggs (fresh)
herbs (dill is better)
a little vegetable oil,
the salt.
Fry the eggs so that the yolk was neprozharenym. Serve sprinkled with fresh dill and basil. On a separate bowl, place bread. Pour the juice into a glass.

An omelet is good because it can be cooked with any filling, it is prettier and easier to scrambled eggs. Prepare the option that you get the best. We offer you a win-win situation:

Omelette with Parmesan cheese (or any other cheese)
2 eggs,
1 tbsp. l. butter
2 tablespoons. l. grated Parmesan cheese,
pepper and salt.
Preheat a frying pan, melt the butter one-third. Beat eggs slightly (not foam up), add the remaining butter, whisk again and pour into the pan. The flame should be lower than average. When the omelette fry ... and it ceases to be top of the liquid, remove it from the heat. Sprinkle with grated cheese, salt and pepper and roll the omelet out of a tube or envelope fold. Serve sprinkled with chopped herbs and parmesan residues. You can add anything from vegetables to an omelette.

"French breakfast". It's very simple - roll (croissant), jam and coffee. If you are incredibly lucky and bakery is located near the house, it's a great chance. True, it is necessary to get up early and run to the store. But if the bakery there, the oven can help you out. Turn it on for 5 minute warm up and bought a roll yesterday. You can use the microwave.

Do not forget about the size of portions. Breakfast should be small enough to just satisfy your hunger.

Do not forget that the form and method of placing food on the plate, too, is important. Winning will look large plate, even if the food on it quite a bit. In this case, it is possible to assemble the dish nicely without crowding.

A few details that will help reinforce the impression of cooked breakfast.

* Wake up to your favorite tender kiss.
* Tell me, how much you love her.
* Bring breakfast with dignity, without haste and bustle.
* Move the devices on a special table and then drag it onto the bed.
* Tell us something pleasant or retell a good sleep.
* Wait for the meal, turn the table and appliances.

Try to avoid talking about what is heroic to breakfast in bed, make it easy and do not talk about the process, even if you really want to share, as it was difficult to do (think of to get, keep, put).

In the end, even an ordinary sandwich with a cup of coffee, served with heart and affection in his eyes, will be much nicer meal of expensive products, but cooked without a soul. Give a good mood with light and love one another!

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