Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Bottle School" in Guatemala

 A nonprofit organization is building schools in Guatemala,
from plastic bottles

In underdeveloped countries, children are often unable to get an education just because they have no schools. Unfortunately, the construction of schools, even from the cheapest materials may cost too much. Therefore, non-profit organization Hug It Forward came up with a way to construct a building on base using plastic bottles filled with debris, instead of bricks.

Entire communities come together to clean their environment and build a bottle school, creating the opportunity of education and a brighter future.

The technology is very simple. Plastic bottles are filled with debris, and communicate with each other. On top of all pokrfyvaetsya concrete as a base material used in wood.

For the construction of the first school with two classes, which Hug It Forward was built in the village of Granados (Granados) in October 2009, it took 5000 plastic bottles filled with a ton of different debris. Now that school visits 297 children living within a radius of 150 km. from it.

Children willingly take part in the construction. They collect the bottles and fill them with garbage that they collect themselves, too. Thus they learn to work and improve the ecology of their region (due to garbage collection).

Since then the organization has built 12 such schools and 4 schools in the construction process.

Construction of one such school costs between $ 6,000 to $ 20,000 depending on its size (which is fairly cheap).

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