Saturday, December 3, 2011

The biggest mouth in the world

A resident of St. Petersburg 22-year-old Christine Rae has spent more than six thousand dollars for one hundred injections of silicone, which resulted in the girl became the owner of the biggest mouth in the world, writes The Telegraph.

According to the girl, her lips, she inherited at birth, has always seemed to her too thin. Her first operation to increase lip Christina did when she was 17 years old. Her sister, Ira, and the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit has always been a role model for her.

Christine now 22 years old. Despite the fact that her lips for five years has increased several times, she is not going to stop there. Russian has said that she still considers herself not beautiful.

"People always tease me on the street and in school, but I do not care. My lips make me happy and gives confidence. My parents totally approve of my choice," - said the girl.

Christina Ray admitted that she does not feel any discomfort from the fact that her lips several times more than the other. It is no problem to eat, drink and kiss. And the pain of silicone injections quickly. In the future, she plans to make a few plastic surgery breast augmentation, change the shape of the nose and ears. Last, she conceived, will be pointed below, as the elves. Christina Ray says that she likes not to be like everyone else.

Recall that in the last year reported a 30-year-old Sheila Hershey has been awarded the world's largest breasts, which had to get rid of her breast because of death threats.