Saturday, December 3, 2011

Always stylish: how to choose clothes for a party

Party - this is an excellent opportunity
to demonstrate yourself  in all the glory. 
And no matter what the cause of the festive evening - meeting with friends, corporate or leisure in a nightclub - every girl at any party wishes to be the most fashionable
and most stylish.

The status of the "Queen of the Ball" is defined in the first place, the chosen attire. Therefore, clothes for the party must be chosen carefully, taking into account the place and occasion of the meeting and, of course, having regard to the figures, your color preferences.

If a party is planned in a trendy cafe, we recommend that you wear a bright shirt with light, flowing material in combination with a dark bottom. And do not forget the high heels. You'll look slimmer, and the image will become more feminine.

For dinner in the restaurant, do not depart from the canons of the classical style: strict suit, a small clutch in the color of shoes, a minimum of accessories. The refinement of the image will give a skirt with high waist.

Women who are going to a corporate party, we recommend staying in a universal form - dress in black, pastel colors or shades of cinnamon. Terse and at the same time lively - this dress is always important, it also looks great with a cardigan or jacket.

Fashion night clubs in their preferences unchanged. The main brand - cocktail dresses, and fancy flight restrictions here. The choice of style and color dress is completely on your conscience. You can show off your taste and style. Even stylish clothing will make you bland and gray mouse, if you do not abide by some rules.
First, do not overdo with the jewelry. We chose a bright dress with sequins? So, stop a few bracelets or rings.
Second, even with an excellent figure is too short or revealing dresses would look out of place.
Thirdly, avoid unnecessary complexity attire, that is, should not be too many combinations of different textures, elements, colors.

Remember that your dress should be determined by your own "Me", unique to you only the features and character traits. The main thing is that the selected outfit you feel comfortable and snug, or the natural appeal of the image disappears. The dress will remain just a dress, and you risk becoming the most ordinary-looking woman at the next party.