Friday, December 16, 2011

About the Romany flag.

It turns out that the Roma people, too, has its own flag, whose birth took place in 1971 in London, during the first World Congress of Roma.

The symbols for the flag were the heaven and earth, respectively, for its colors were chosen blue and green colors of the flag leaf divided into 2 fields: green - at the bottom, the blue - at the top. And in the middle of the flag is red in color wheel, which is also called Dharmachakra, which means that Indo-Aryan origin of the Gypsies. All of these elements, taken together, correspond very nomadic lifestyle, which leads the Gypsy people.
However, not all Gypsies prefer a flag. It's opponents are the Eastern European Gypsies. And in 1992, when Congress passed the Roma in Riga, was invited to represent the flag of a horse's head instead of wheels.

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