Friday, December 2, 2011

5 cities, which are heated by geothermal energy

Now, scientists and energy experts are looking fkmnthyfnbdyst bcnjxybrb energy so necessary to man. Paradoxically, but most of the fossil fuels are burned simply. Or in stoves teploenergostantsy, or in the engines of vehicles. But there are regions where heating is used "green" energy - geothermal.

1. Boise, Idaho
In this city, geothermal energy is used for a long time since the 1800s. The water from some source is heated to 170 degrees above zero, so that it is enough to heat the whole region. Now scientists from the local university are developing an efficient heating system on the basis of geothermal energy, which will not only heat the entire city, and nearby towns.

2. Reno, Nevada
Another region in the United States, which receives thermal energy from geothermal sources. In Reno 220 thousand people live, and they are almost free heat. Need to pay only for the operation of piping systems - after all it sometimes breaks down and must be repaired. Among other things, citizens are using geothermal energy and for converting heat into electricity. The city is equipped with fully autonomous power, but also supplies electricity to the system total energy, earning good money on this.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland
This region can be called legendary. Probably the Icelanders (together with the Japanese) were the first to use the subsoil heat for heating their homes. Now geothermal power station in Reykjavik is one of the largest. In addition, the Icelandic authorities will develop a system that will supply energy to Europe through a system of cables which pass along the bottom. Thus, a small country, Iceland can earn very good money. However, for such a project will take several years.

4. Masdar, UAE
This city has recently started using geothermal energy as "green" alternative to fossil fuels, in a set of stored beneath the surface of the earth by nature in the UAE. True, especially heat in this region did, and experts have created a geothermal power plant Experts say that all this is enough to ensure that Masdar energy.

5. Perth, Australia
According to scientists - geologists, Australia is rich in geothermal energy.
Almost the whole of Australia stretches layer of granite, heated to very high temperatures. Here it is warm and can be used with almost all regions kontinenta.Ispolzuya of geothermal energy, Australia could produce 10 times more energy than using conventional methods of producing electricity by burning coal and gas stoves in thermal power plants.
In the city of Perth have already begun development of geothermal energy, and get enough electricity.