Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unique gold pearl

On the Philippine island of Palawan,
there are several large firms that grow pearls in the cleanest waters of the Philippine Sea.
And only one of them - Jewelmer - produces a unique golden pearl, there are no analogues in the world.

Varieties of shells, of which (from left to right) is obtained
white, gold and black pearls.

For several decades, the company was engaged in studying and improving the breeding process shellfish Pinctada maxima. They use a special shell with a natural golden color to get the gold.
When the pearl is executed at least 2 years of age, she instilled a tiny part of the shell the other oysters. Over time, the bag is formed around it, from which grows a pearl.
Sometimes it takes up to 5 years, but the pearls get a very nice and large.

Managing Director Jacques Jewelmer Branellek (Jacques Branellec)

For the week of harvest can get thousands of pearls, each worth a minimum of 500 euros.
Although caught specimens that will be sold for much more substantial amount.