Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marriage traditions around the world (in pictures)

ll over the globe, marriage is celebrated in unique ways. Here’s a look at cultural wedding traditions in different countries of the world.

 Wedding party in Macau
We couldn't resist including this picture of a wedding party at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Macau, the new gambling capital of the world. Hardly typical for this former Portuguese colony in China, it features French maid wedding attendants. Is it the start of a new tradition?

 Russian wedding doves
A Russian bridal couple releases a pair of white doves to represent their union and love in St.

 Malaysian tea ceremony
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the bride and groom offer tea to family elders in a traditional tea

 Afghani wedding tradition
Men in Afganistan dance to the beat of the dhol during a wedding celebration in downtown Jalalabad. Afghan women often celebrate separately in the home of the bridal party.

 Uigher bride
Uigher brides often wear two different dresses: a white, western-style dress for the first day's "cafe event" and a traditional Uigher dress on the second day when she greets the guests as a married woman. (by the way, such tradition is in Russia and Ukeaine too)

 Mexican wedding procession
A bride and her parents assemble for their street wedding procession in a small town in

 Croquembeuche, French wedding food
In France, the traditional wedding cake is croquembeuche, a majestic tower of cream puffs.

 Punjab mass wedding
Mass weddings in India relieve families of financial strain associated with a traditional dowry and large wedding. These brides wear white instead of the traditional Indian red wedding dress as they belong to the Christian minority population in Punjab.

 Chinese bridal carriage
A Chinese bride is presented to the groom's family in a traditional red wedding carriage. 

 Ethiopian wedding crowns
An Ethiopian couple dons crowns and robes that symbolize marriage as a special covenant before

 Japanese wedding tradition
A Japanese couple perform the ritual of drinking 9 cups of sake during their wedding at a Shinto shrine. 

 Bouquet toss, USA
In the United States, unmarried female wedding guests participate in the tradition of the bouquet toss. Catching the bouquet is believed to bring good luck in getting engaged soon

 Bolivian wedding tradition
In Bolivia, a wedding party enjoys a meal next to Lake Titicaca. The bride and groom's heads are doused with confetti and flower petals after the wedding ceremony.

 Yoruba wedding ceremony
In a Yoruba wedding in Nigeria, the groom and his friends prostrate themselves to the bride's family before the bride is presented under a veil. 

 Scottish wedding party
Male guests wear traditional Highland outfits of kilts, jackets, and hose to weddings in Scotland.

 Moroccan bride
Moroccan brides wear an elaborate kaftan and heavy jewelry. The bride and female guests decorate their hands with henna.

 Korean bride and groom
A Korean bride and groom wear traditional wedding clothes. The custom of the bride wearing hanbok and groom wearing gwanbok dates back 2,000 years

Pakistani bride
A Pakistani bride's hand are adorned with henna during the mehndi ceremony a few days before her wedding. The henna is meant to bring good luck to the marriage.