Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interesting Facts

1. Between the plates of the pyramid of Cheops is impossible to push the blade.

2. A person gets used to the tea faster than for heroin.

3. Every second, about 100 000 chemical reactions occurs in the human brain.

4. When a person is born, he has 300 bones, but the 25th anniversary - only 206 (they are fused).

5. Most roses are sold on Valentine's Day - about 3 million.

6. After 1 minute stay in the dark eye sensitivity to light increases by 10 times ... after 20 minutes. - 6 thousand times.

7. A cup of coffee contains 20 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin P required for the blood vessels.

8. Due to bad traffic jams, which spoil the taste of wine in the world every year have to send the waste stream of different wines to half a billion dollars.

9. Just one drop of oil makes it unsuitable for drinking 25 liters of water.

10. Muscle - a more efficient engine than the internal combustion engine and steam. Its efficiency reaches 50% (of the car - 35%).

11. When the glass cracks, the crack propagates at a speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour.

12. Clarity of the usual text book to 277 times higher than the sharpness of text on the screen a better computer monitor.

13. Women braid consists of an average of two hundred thousand hair and can withstand a weight of 20 t.

14. If you add up all the numbers marked on the roulette wheel for casino, you get the magic number 666.

15. During his lifetime, a person eats about 40 tons of various foodstuffs.

16. Each year, more money is spent on alcohol and cigarettes than on Life insurance.