Saturday, November 26, 2011


Love is blind  

Love is one of a human being's strongest needs, surpassed only by food.

Love happens fast and the closer people are in distance, the bigger chances that they’ll fall in love, even if a marriage is in the way

People who are married for many years have different kind of love for each other… the love of being able put up with each other!

Love reduces stress on your body and soothes your mind

The word Love is one of the most used lyrics in music songs

A new love is found on the internet every second

In addition to reducing stress at times, love can also cause the opposite and cause more stress, especially if things don’t go as planned

Most of the time, Love doesn’t end until a new love begins

People in love always look back when you separate.

Having a family intensifies love, a love for one’s family is above all else

People don’t always mean they love you, when they say “I Love You”

Love is precious and must be kept close and held dear

Love conquers all