Friday, November 18, 2011

Caviar. Some interesting facts

 Where the name came from
Contrary to popular belief, the term caviar does not originate from Russia. (If that is the case, we should be calling it ikra instead of caviar.)

The terms caviarie and caviare does have its etymological origin from a Turkish term havyar. This, in turn, came from an Iranian form khayah.

Caviar’s History
The earliest record about caviars can be traced from the 13th century from Batu Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson.

The industry originated in Eurasia and Mediterranean. To allow longer shelf life, the fish eggs were heavily salted. They were then placed in wooden barrels.

The French then started importing the delicacy from Russia.

Chilled transportation then allowed the lightly salted caviar or molossol to exist.

Other sturgeons that are possible sources of caviars were discovered in the late 1800s. These fishes were heavily harvested that it came to a point that the caviars were as abundant as peanuts and popcorns in bars. These two fished became rare afterwards, due to commercial harvesting.

Some Iteresting Facts
True caviar comes from the icy waters of the Caspian Sea where the environment is most conducive to producing the finest sturgeon.

Today with sturgeon facing extinction caviar will remain a delicacy and very expensive.
The United States imports approximately sixty percent of the total world caviar supply.

Caviar is full of proteins, vitamines, low in calories and thus is a complete meal by itself

Caviar is being given to patients after surgery to aid their recovery.

Caviar is also used for beauty treatments - facials and other.

Caviar contains acetylcholine, which improves alcohol resistance. That is also why Russians ate a lot of caviar while drinking vodka.

Oil, extracted from caviar is used on burns to heal them.

It is recommended for persons to take 30 to 50 grams serving of caviar.

Other spices like pepper and other herbs must not be added to the caviar.

Silver utensils alter the taste of caviar so it must not e used when eating the delicacy. 

Caviar has the capability of preparing the digestive systems for other dishes.