Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Best Ukrainian Local Customs Tips

 If you bring flowers,
make sure it is an odd number of flowers.

Never put an empty bottle on the table (only alcoholic drinks bottles, when you are partying). Put the bottle on the floor.

Do not shake hands accross the threshold of a door. It is considered bad luck.

Never whistle inside the house. It means that there will not be any money in the house.

Ukrainians never celebrate their birthday before it officially comes as it is considered a bad luck.

Ukrainians wear the marriage ring on their right hand.

Be prepared to take off your shoes upon entering a house. Most hosts will provide you with a pair of slippers.

In Orthodox Churches women wear scarves or hats, and men take off their hats.

A single girl will never sit at the corner of the table, because it is considered that she will not get married during 7 years.

It is considered a bad luck to return to your house after you've already left. (if you forgot something, etc.) But it is possible to reduce this bad effect by glancing in the mirror. :)

Sometimes locals don't want to take money from your hand, so you might be asked to put them on the table, sofa etc., only after that they'll take them. (for ex. if you are renting a private appartment) (explanation: usually this rule is active if you see the person first time)

Never give a knife (set of knives) as a present to the Ukrainian. It means, you and that person will be "on knives", in other words, Ukrainians believe it will ruin your relationship. But if you decide to bring it anyway, then expect to get some money for it, some "symbolic price". Even if it is just one hryvnia (Ukrainian currency).

It's a bad luck if you accedentally scatter salt on the table, floor, etc. It means you'll have a fight or a quarrel with somebody that day. To avoid it, you'll need to take a pinch of salt and scatter it over your left shoulder. Repeat it three times. :)

When a member of the household departs on a journey, don't sweep the floor until they arrive at their destination.

Don't repay loans in the evening. :)

Don't take the garbage out in the evenings. :)

When passing through the aisles in a theater or elsewhere, it is polite to face the people sitting down.