Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ARCHITECTURE. Unusual churches and temples all over the world.

Sure, all the church buildings rather beautiful and original.
However, there are unusual churches and temples, which are made entirely in a different style, and sometimes not even look like an ordinary cathedral or church.
For example, the church ruins, the temple of the hand, a glass cathedral or chapel in the bush. These facilities attract a lot of tourists, so the attention paid to them more than others.

Goreme, Turkey, the ruins of the church:

France, the Auvergne.
Chapel on the volcanic slopes.

Rome, the Holy Italiya.
Tserkov torzhestva.
Tri arcs symbolize the Holy Trinity, and a mirrored floor - a brilliant expanse of water used in baptism.

USA, California, the Garden Grov.
Kristallichesky cathedral built of glass.

Brittany Frantsiya.
Chasovnya San Gildas on the canal du Blava.
It was built in honor of St. Gildas, who traveled, stayed at this place and preached Christianity.

Colombia, the Cathedral of Las Layas.
The cathedral was erected in honor of the Virgin Mary that appeared on a local legend in this place. This unusual church is located inside the canyon Guaitara, near the border with Ecuador.

Dominican Republic,
the Church Iguee, built by French architects.

Church Borgund Steyv Laerdal (Borgund Stave Lærdal). The wooden church, built in the late 12th century.

Brazil, the Cathedral.
The unusual building, which consists of hyperbolic towers weighing 90 tons on. Cathedral symbolizes the hand, stretching to the sky (to God).

Green parish church called "The Garden of Olives", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Greece, the island of Mykonos.
Paraportiani church. The name of the church means "gate", as it was built on the site of the beautiful gate of the Middle Ages.

Milan, Italy. Cathedral Duomo.
The largest cathedral in the world, whose construction lasted 600 years.

Iceland, Reykyavik.
Tserkov Hallgrimyur.
The church is shaped like the geysers in the country.

the old church on the hill

Tserkov St. Augustine.
The church was built with a view to withstand an earthquake, which often take place in the area